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08/01/2015 Skelton Community Action Plan 2016. Join us on Facebook to post your comments. Download short survey form to give your ideas and suggestions for improving the amenities and environment of Skelton Parish.
28/05/2014 Greenhollows NDO
03/04/2014 Skelton Parish Application for Neighbourhood Area Designation. Full details on EDC website
15/09/2013 The Post Office is now in Skelton Village Hall. Full details.

12/03/2013 EDC are consulting with Parish Councils on their proposals to reduce footway lighting so as to reduce costs and because of health and safety issues to BT workers where lighting is secured to BT poles. In short they are proposing to switch off half the lights in Skelton village and all the lighting in other villages. If parishioners feel that any particular lights in their village need to be kept lit they should be identified as high, low and medium priority and reported to Skelton Parish Council Clerk or their local Parish Councillor. Your local councillor has details of the lighting plan and your views are needed by 15th April 2013.

EDC are also consulting on sites that they have identified in our villages that they feel are suitable for development in the future. The preferred sites can be found on EDC website at If you have any views on the proposals or feel that there are other more suitable sites then please contact your local parish councillor, the clerk or EDC direct. The consultation period ends on 22 April 2013. The clerk can be contacted at or 01768 895226.

17/01/2013 Any parishioner who has any questions or complaints that they wish to raise at a meeting can be sent directly to the Parish Clerk.
30/03/2012 New Bag and Box Scheme (starts July)
14/01/2012 Community Action Plan News
14/01/2012 Skelton Footpath Restoration Project
18/10/2011 Community Action Plan News
14/09/2011 Housing Needs Survey Results
The Parish Council are currently refurbishing the signposts in the parish. Some have missing fingers. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of any of these fingers can they inform any council member whose contact information is on the councillors page.

05/06/2015 Report on Skelton Annual Parish Meeting held on 12/05/2015 at Skelton village Hall

The Annual Parish Meeting of Skelton was held on Tuesday 12 May, in Toppin 1V1lmorial Hall,
prior to the Annual General Meeting of Skelton Parish Council. The minutes of the previous
Annual Parish Meeting, 4 May 2014, were confirmed as a true record of the meeting.
The Parishioners Forum was held, at which Mr & Mrs Piper discussed the Garden Waste Skip,
and that Eden District Council had advised them that Skelton would not be able to have a skip
this year, due to commercial waste being put in to the skip last year. This had been reported to
EDC by a reliable source. The Parish Council noted Mr & Mrs Piper's comments, and advised
them that the item was on the agenda for the Parish Council meeting later. Mr Piper also
mentioned the poor state of the pavements.
It was suggested for a Speaker to be asked to speak at the next Skelton Annual Parish Meeting,
the date for which was set for 10 May 2016.
The meeting closed, and was followed by Skelton Parish Councils, Annual General Meeting.

05/06/2015 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 12/05/2015 at Skelton village Hall

Skelton Parish Council's Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 12 May, in Toppin
Memorial Hall. Stacey Kane was elected to Chairperson, Colin Atkinson was elected as Vice
Chairperson, and it was agreed for the Parish Council to wholly act as the Budget Committee.
The Parish Council were introduced to the new Clerk, Rachael Kelly. The recent election
was discussed, and the vacancies for Parish Councillor's, please see the advert, regarding the
need for Parish Councillors. The accounts for Year Ending 3l. 03.2015 were discussed, and
the audit was agreed, and signed. Following on from the Annual Parish Meeting, the garden
waste skip was discussed, and the email from EDC which stated they had been informed by a
reliable source that commercial waste was being placed in to the skip, and due to this, Skelton
would not be able to partake in the Garden Waste Skip scheme this year. The Clerk to
contact EDC to find out more on the matter. The Parish Council meeting venues for the next
year were discussed, and it was agreed to hold 2 meetings at Skelton, 2 at Hutton, and 2 at
Ivegill. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 July, at Skelton Toppin
Memorial Hall. The Parish Council meeting was closed at 9.30pm.

12/03/15 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 10/03/2015 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

Stacey Kane was in the chair at the March meeting of Skelton Parish Council. She welcomed the Councillors, EDC Kevin Beaty, three members of the public and the clerk. There was a bit of a feeling that this was the end of an era; the clerk was leaving and the elections, which include the Parish Councillors, take place in May. Judith Naylor has been the clerk for eight years. The Council has benefited from her legal knowledge and professional approach. The chair thanked her very much for her work and she was given a large bouquet of flowers. Judith now moves on from her position at a Penrith solicitors to the legal department at Cumbria County Council. A new chapter also starts after the elections in early May for local Councillors are also included and have to be elected, or re-elected. (See separate notice.)

In his report EDC Beaty said that the budget of the District Council had been agreed. (He also acknowledged the fact that rural areas were less well financed.) Looking ahead he said there were more cuts to come and jobs to be shed while the council tried to maintain its services. He went on to talk about garden waste (a discretionary service) and the possibilities, alternatives and finances of moving all the Eden offices on to one site.

The Council was asked for potential subjects to go to this year's Scrutiny Panel at Eden. The two suggested topics were – 'the equity of the delivery of services across the district' ( including the fact that Skelton, and some other villages, have no green bins and kerbside collections of garden waste): and secondly, 'the delivery of the strategic housing function i.e. affordable housing especially for local children.

It was decided to renew the contract about the collection of garden waste at Skelton Hall car-park. This system is not ideal but better than no service. The Councillor overseeing this last summer spoke and has agreed to oversee it for another season.

A councillor reported back on Laithes Playground and conversations with United Utilities. At the moment this area is a mess, further, more trenches have been dug than shown on the original plan. However, it will all be sorted and made safe in time. There was a discussion about fencing the riverside as requested by some local parents. This was passed by a majority and will be done.

The Councillor responsible for Highways will report the poor state of the white lines at Braisgate, Skelton, the need for better road signs near Corney Cottage and the water (which often becomes ice in the winter) on the Braisgate bend. There is also trouble with drainage on the road near Fowrass Farm. Interestingly a resident raised the question of Milestones and their preservation - this will be put on a future agenda.

Planning was as follows: granted were - plot 4, Chapelfield, Skelton (residential house) and Broadoak, Ivegill (detatched dwelling). Refused was Monkcastle Farm,Southwaite (turbine and associated structures).

A draft form was circulated covering future applications for grants to the Parish Council. It seems a good idea to try and standardise the information coming in so the merits of various schemes can be compared. It will also stop the further correspondence that is often required when more information is sought. This will be discussed again together with closing dates for receiving the forms.

The next meeting will be the AGM of the Council to take place at Toppin Memorial Hall on 12th May 2015. It will follow the Parish meeting which starts at 7.00 pm. The meeting of the Parish provides an opportunity for parishioners to put questions and bring their concerns to the Council: it is open to all living in the area.

16/01/15 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 13/01/2015 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

At the January meeting of Skelton Parish Council, Stacey Kane was in the chair. After welcoming the councillors her first job was to propose the co-option of Bunty Wright – this was passed unanimously. The other staffing item on the agenda was the resignation of Judith Naylor, the clerk. The chair thanked Judith very much for her work and advice over the last eight years. Plans about replacing her were put in place – (she will cover the next meeting finishing at the end of the financial year).

Playgrounds were discussed once again. At Laithes, United Utilities will be finishing their drainage scheme quite soon though the reinstatement of the hedges will take a little longer. Compensation has yet to be agreed. At Braisgate the misunderstanding about the swings is very minor; it is between RoSPA and Sovereign. The clerk is to write back confirming the discussions that have taken place about the slightly different interpretations of the rules by the two parties concerned.

Planning has been granted for the erection of a new farm shed at Arnold House, Ivegill.

The noticeboard at Ivegill needs refurbishment – this will be looked into and Hesket Parish Council contacted for a contribution. Other boards will also be checked.

Various potholes round the Parish were noted and will be reported.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th March 2015 at 7.30 pm in Toppin Memorial Hall, Skelton.

19/11/14 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 11/11/2014 at Ivegill Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.
Colin Atkinson took the chair at the Skelton Parish Council meeting in November. It was held at Ivegill Village Hall. Joining the councillors were EDC Kevin Beaty, Tom Woof (Harrison and Hetherington), four members of the public and the clerk.

Worried about finances, an extra meeting of the counci lwas called in October to discuss finances, (both current and future). For many years the council have operated on a precept of £10,000 but now money is so tight that there is little left over for local organizations when they ask for extra help. Reluctantly, the councillors decided on a precept of £13,000 for 2015/6 – this means roughly an additional £7 p a for the average family unit. In May 2015 there are also election costs to be paid for.

EDC Beaty's report involved Eden's plans for the land near Newton Rigg and what used to be Norweb. The aim is to try and attract agri-tech firms and exploit links with the College. A discussion followed about Broadband and its slow speed. It seems all the plots are sold but have yet to be developed. Problems about the Travellers were also discussed. EDC Beaty's other topic was the survey of Footpath Lighting done that morning with two local councillors and staff from Eded District Council. All lights on electric polls are to go but this will happen slowly as they age and fail – EDC will replace failing bulbs meantime. However, those near amenities in Ivegill and Skelton will be replaced, if and when, necessary. A detailed report will follow; also local councils will be allowed to pay and maintain extra units if they wish.

The Fellrunner bus asked for a contribution of £172 – this was granted. In future there will be an additional stop on the weekly Penrith Bus Service at Ellonby (Fridays) and a slightly changed route to the once a month one to Carlisle (Thursdays).

Playgrounds were also discussed at some length at the meeting. The one at Laithes now has a fence between it and the next-door house and the trees have been attended to. But United Utilities still has to finish its drainage work. EDC is lookiing after the registration of the land. At Braisegate, Skelton the new signs have been done and some maintenance but the infant swings have still not passed the Rospa inspection because of some bolts. It seems the actual design is not acceptable. The council has already reported this and will write again complaining this time to a wider audience.

Planing applications received were as follow: Arnold House, Ivegill (erection of farm shed); Monkcastle Farm, Southwaite (single turbine); Broadoak, Ivegill (detatched dwelling); Chapel Field, Skelton (detached dwelling). Granted were: Church House, Skelton (change of use to holiday let); Barn at Laithes (re roof). The Neighbourhood Development Order is now passed to Eden District Council with Harrison and Hetherington authorized to speak on behalf of Skelton Parish Council.

Highway matters included potholes, a blocked drain near Pennine View, the poor state of the road in Pennine View (lighting is necessary to see the potholes!) The signpost at Hutton End has yet to be done and will be chased up.

A grant of £300 was passed unanimously to go towards the resurfacing work to be done at Ivegill Village Hall and £200 for redecoration at the hall at Hutton End. ( It was suggested that in future more information should be made available when grants are applied for.)

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 13th January 2015 in the Toppin Memorial Hall, Skelton at 7.30 pm.

19/09/14 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 09/09/14 at Hutton End Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

The September meeting of Skelton Parish Council took place at Hutton End Village Hall. In the absence of other officials, Alan Dickinson was in the chair. EDC Beaty and one member of the public joined the Councillors and the Clerk. The chairman's first job was to welcome Anita Lyons to the meeting. She was duly co-opted to the council and will represent the Ivegill ward. She will be a valuable member, but this group still has a further vacancy and is looking for another councillor to represent the views of the residents living in this part of the parish.

The tight budget was a recurring theme of this meeting. Currently two applications for money to help with resurfacing Ivegill Hall's car park and redecorating at Hutton End Hall are on hold. An extra meeting of the Council with the budget as the main topic has been fixed. Green waste also remains a problem – the monthly skip has been but its capacity is insufficient for the needs of the community. EDC Beaty is aware of this and of the absence of any green doorstep collection in various parts of the parish he represents.

In his report EDC Kevin Beaty spoke about Street lightening and its future. A survey of the area has been done already - this is to be endorsed. Budgets for the next few years were also discussed together with the ways of raising revenue – Eden District still has some more slimming to do. He is to hold a surgery at the Dog and Gun very soon when he hopes to meet local residents and hear their views.

The playground at Laithes now has a smart fence separating it from the property it adjoins. The councillors are most grateful for this but expressed some minor concerns about balls crossing the boundary – the clerk is to write a letter of thanks but also mentioning this. There are still some trees in the play ground to be attended to but this is the wrong time of the year for this work to be done. United Utilities have still to finished their sewerage scheme. When this is finished the views of the local residents will be sought about the future use of this playground. In the meantime the District Council recommend applying for the area to be designated as common land.

The footpath group plans for some trees and a hedge on the side of the path going down from Skelton Church towards Unthank. A grant is being sought for this. At the Braisgate Playground the picnic bench will be mended and the wood chippings raked to cover the area under some swings properly. There are also signs to go up saying 'no dogs'. ROSPA is still unhappy about the bolts on one set of swings – Sovereign, the company erecting the equipment, will be contacted again.

Lamonby Quarry was on the agenda once again – it seems there may be some interest/ideas about its future. However, until the group is identified and their plans known, no finance can be arranged. Anyone interested should write to the clerk.

Highway Matters included potholes, speed limits and the condition of the road from Skelton to the Laithes crossroads. The signposts most needing restoration have been done. Others also require some work but funding is difficult. The clerk will get some quotes and then search for a grant.

Planning applications were as follows:- High Head Castle (new slated roof over part of the listed Tudor wing); Linton Gill, Ivegill (temporary siting for caravan for living accommodation while a listed farmhouse is restored); Chapel Cottage, Skelton (restoration of listed cottage); Barn at Laithes (reroofing);Church House, Skelton (change of use – ancillary annex to holiday let). The council has no objections to any of these. Beyond the parish boundary was the application from Hay Close Farm, Calthwaite (erection of 4 turbines with the necessary infrastructure). Withdrawn – 5 Phoenix Park, Skelton (plans have to be submitted plans the council can assess them).

The date of the next meeting, called (to consider the budget and its difficulties), will be on 7th October: the November one (with a full agenda) is 11th November – both will be held in Toppin Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm.

12/07/14 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting and AGM held on 08/07/14 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

Stacey Kane welcomed the Councillors, EDC Kevin Beattie, the clerk and two members of the public to the July meeting of Skelton Parish Council held the Memorial Hall earlier this month.

Following a decision at the last meeting and the great relief of Skelton residents, the skip for garden waste has returned but there have been some problems. The skip is for green waste only (not the plastic bags used to transport it or stones etc.). After discussion the council decided to let things run at the moment and trust that the rules will be properly respected in future - this is a valuable service that the villagers will wish to keep.

There is good news about the footpath from St Michael's Church, Skelton to Nelson Square, Unthank. This route is now accessible to able bodied walkers – the first half is a wide, well surfaced, track: the second rather a rough walk through and down the side of fields. (Go down the side of the church, turn left below it. Follow the track to a gate (½ mile), go through and aim for a large tree in the middle of the next field, then head towards Nelson Square which is easy to see. The gates have yellow arrows on the sides of them, indicating the direction: there is a sign post indicating the half way point.)

The work done to open this path has been considerable and there is still some finishing to do. Several grants have helped with the finance; these were received from EDC Community Fund, CCC Highways and Rights of Way Fund, Cumbria Waste Management Environmental Trust, Skelton Parish Council and there have been some generous third party gifts and fund-raising events. Also, and most important were the local landowners/farmers – the Grierson and Wilson families - have done much work themselves helping with the drainage (a huge job following a wet winter), stone and other general tractor work. Help received from the Ivegill Walking group has proved invaluable and a similar group at Skelton has now been formed. The project was co-ordinated and managed by Bob Towers. (Thanks to grants and the work done by the farmers and volunteers, the direct cost to those living in the Parish i.e. the local council currently stands at £444).

In his report EDC Beattie's spoke in general terms about the District Council's finances and the ways that the District Council might earn itself more money through grants (by house building, business promotion); the plans and policies about wind turbines including those proposed at Hay Close, Ivegill; the lighting plan to cut down on the number of street lights and ensure their safety (a 10-year programme); and Blencathera and its future.

United Utilities has been in touch to say its plans at Laithes have been altered slightly and that a new sewerage pipe is to be laid with the help of a mini digger. Meantime Mr Hastings has erected a fence which will keep children (and hopefully balls) inside the playground and outside his garden – the screen will also act as a partial screen between the two areas.

Highway matters concerned - the two week closure, starting 18th August, of the Skelton to Laithes road (this to shore up the embankment and resurface); improving the junction at Unthank and monitoring the speed on the B5305; the poor state of the footpaths in Skelton and several potholes werealso reported.

It was decided to that the Clerk should look for some more funding for sign post restoration and that the costs of bringing those at Hutton-in-the-Forest and the centre of Skelton should be looked into.
The latest advice on Lamonby Quarry is to keep it as a wild area or possibly let a few sheep graze.

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 9th September at 7.30pm at Hutton End Village Hall.

23/05/14 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting and AGM held on 13/5/14 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

Once a year each parish meets for an Annual Meeting when parishioners may speak and bring up matters of general concern for discussion Skelton's Annual Meeting was held earlier this month with a dozen or so members of the public attending. Their main worry was about the green skip for garden rubbish. Following discussion and some assurances, the councillors are now willing, by a majority vote, to sign EDC's agreement (initially for a year). This accepts financial responsibility should any pollution in or by the skip occur and the Hall Committee have agreed for it to be sited in their car park. The skip will come once a month, a notice about not polluting its contents is to be drafted and one of the councillors living nearby is to keep an eye on things so that the area does not become a dumping ground. A reserve of £500 will be held to cover any clean up should it be required.

Other matters raised by the public, which were for the most part about highways, were dealt with during the meeting that followed.

The chair had an important matter to raise with the parishioners – there are several vacancies on the Council. It is important that all wards within the area are represented have a voice. At present this is not the case. Anyone willing to stand should get in touch with the clerk or a Councillor.

The first item on the agenda of the ordinary meeting that followed was the election of a new chair person. After several years Martin Squires wishes to stand down and Stacey Kane (formally Vice Chair) was voted unanimously to take his place. Martin's last task was to review the happenings and work of the past year, together with a presentation of a summary of the finances. The Budget committee is to be appointed later in the year.

Playgrounds and their maintenance were important talking points during the rest of the meeting. Some cows have trespassed into the Braisgate one – it was hoped that this was an unfortunate one off for fencing the area would be expensive and inconvenient to visitors. At Laithes, it is hoped that the fencing contractor will get going once United Utilities have finished their work. Local consultations can the take place about the playground and whether to fence the river etc. At Ellonby the seats of the swings are broken and need repair. These are not the property of this Council and it is unwilling (and financially unable) to assume full responsibility. The clerk will write to the complainant explaining.

Highway matters to be reported to the appropriate authority include an accident on the road opposite the chapel, the road surface north of the Laithes cross roads and the state of the Ellonby pond. The state of the pavements in Skelton are to be discussed at the next meeting. The clerk is to approach Cumbria Wildlife Trust to see if they are interested in developing the piece of land known as the Lamonby Quarry.

A request for £950 for the heating fund from St Michael's Church, Skelton was discussed. The Council is unable to award the full amount but agreed to £550 suggesting a further request be made next year. this will be the third party funding to backing another and separate application to Cumbria Waste Management Fund.
Other matters included :- Green Hollows and the NDO; the parish Council are not responsible for any future consultation costs that might be involved. The proposal for turbines at Hay Close could not be considered because no planning application has yet been received .

The signposts, highlighted by CCC as in poor repair, have all been restored. The possibility of further work is dependent on more funding – the clerk will investigate whether this is forthcoming.
The date of the next meeting is to be 8th July at Toppin Memorial Hall, Skelton at 7.30 pm.

17/03/14 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 11/03/14 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

Martin Squires presided at the March meeting of Skelton Parish Council. Three members of the public joined the Counsellors and the clerk. The most time-consuming item on the agenda was Green Hollows, its current planning application and how best to go about getting this area subjected to Designated Planning. After many misunderstandings and some lack of knowledge, it was decided d to apply fo r this status for the Parish as a whole. Then later to seek further advice from the experts as to how best to tackle the various needs and hopes of the residents living at this site while still having the freedom to nominate other areas within the parish at a later date.

Another long discussion was about garden waste. There is no kerbside collection in the Parish and no central skips to help with green disposal. Last year this Council was unwilling to take full responsibility for the costs should the special EDC skip be misused and the contents contaminated in any way. Health and safety problems on land owned by the hall committee posed further problems. This impasse was not resolved, as this Council is still unwilling to sign the form taking over these responsibilities.

United Utilities has begun some preliminary work on the planned sewerage scheme at Laithes. Meantime this Council is waiting for quotes and some funding before any kind of screening of the playground can begin.

Planning applications are as follows: Green Hollows, Southwaite (reorganization of 15 residential units and one holiday one); Low House, Unthank (lawful development certificate). Granted are: Phoenix Hall, Skelton (detached bungalow). The system of dealing with planning applications at the parish level was discussed again and will be resumed at the next meeting. The Planning Department request to be informed of any trees requiring preservation orders.

The clerk reminded the council about the tightened financial position of this body both in this and coming years. In future there will be less money to go round for the various grants and other causes the Council generally supports. At this meeting £500 was agreed to help the Parish Notes, as well as the necessary costs and expenses of the clerk and the website.

Highways and their poor condition remain a problem with safety inspections now involved. The hot line remains and Bob Towers is the councillor collecting complaints. The signpost with a direction arm to Sedbergham (spelt wrong) has been corrected.
As Newton Rigg has been unable to do a survey of the Quarry at Lamonby, other arrangements are being made to get this done.
The date of next meeting is Tuesday 13th May 2014 at 7.30 pm in Toppin Memorial Hall, Skelton.

17/01/14 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 14/01/14 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

Martin Squires was in the chair for the January meeting of Skelton Parish Council held at the Memorial Hall. The Councillors, EDC Kevin Beattie and Clerk were joined by seven members of the public (this reflected the interest felt in two particular items on the agenda).

The residents of Green Hollows are anxious to get their plan under way so earlier this month an evening was held to learn more about Community Land Trusts and Neighbourhood Planning for the benefit of the Council as a whole. Unfortunately, in the event, Fergus McMorrow (EDC Neighbourhood Planning) was unable to come. However, Andy Lloyd (Cumbria Rural Housing Trust) gave an interesting outline of the various projects in the county he has helped to launch and their different ways of working and obtaining finance. The difficulties of setting up a local scheme were considered with particular reference to acquiring a suitable site and the costs, both capital and ongoing. On the other hand, the advantages of having some local control over any development were also spelt out. It seems that a scheme for a Neighbourhood Plan at Green Hollows could go ahead as a separate exercise and the Council gave its full backing to these ideas and their intentions. In practice this means that a group from this site can apply for grants as a separate body these to cover the costs of application and producing their plans It was also decided that Mr McMorrow (or another planning officer) be asked again to address a meeting about planning, this to happen in February.

The other item of special interest was the playground at Laithes and its boundaries. (Unfortunately no resident from Laithes in on this Council at present and their absence was all too evident at this meeting.) In November it had been decided to put up a temporary fence along where a hedge had been removed, this was along part of the boundary of the playground. This was decided on grounds of safety to keep the children and their balls inside the area. It has to be temporary because United Utilities plans a new sewage scheme for this hamlet and a pipe is to pass through part of this area. (This organization is also keen to help with the future tidy up and boundaries of the site). After a presentation by the local resident and a long debate it was decided by a majority that the temporary fence should go ahead as planned: in addition it was recommended that a group from Laithes itself should decide about how they wished to use the playground, what kind of fencing might be best together with any other safety measures requested. The Council hopes to receive these suggestions and ideas for discussion at the March meeting (and hopes that perhaps someone may come forward as a future representative and local Councillor).

Other playgrounds discussed were Ellonby and Braisgate. A Councillor will go out to check the state of the swings and their uprights at the first of these - (it is already known the seats need repair but the condition of the uprights has yet to be ascertained), This matter will be raised again at the next meeting. Following an inspection, the Braisegate play area now has its safety certificate for a further year.

Due to the Christmas break EDC Kevin Beattie had little to report. He spoke about street lighting and the10 year program proposed.. He also promised to speak to the EDC officer concerned about Laithes and its current problems.
Planning matters were as follows: applications have been received about – Phoenix Park, Skelton (detached bungalow); Braisegate, Skelton (bungalow). Granted are Arnold House, Ivegill (agricultural shed); Townend, Laithes (hedgerow removal for United Utilities). Refused is Low House, Unthank (mobile home).

Highway matters concerned floods and potholes in general. A letter received about a right-of-way at Linton Gill is to be left to the footpath authority at Carlisle, whose responsibility it is, to sort out.
Before a letter from the school was read, the congratulations of the Council were expressed to the head teacher and all others connected with it about their recent success as measured/recorded in both County and National terms (first in the former and fourth in the latter). The letter requested a grant to improve the grounds at the school for community as well as school use. £600 was unanimously approved, this to be part of the independent funding required to unlock a much larger sum - the total plan will cost about £15,000.
The next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 11th March 2014 at 7.30 pm at Toppin Memorial Hall. Meantime it is hoped to arrange a talk by an EDC planning officer during the first half of February.

15/11/13 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 12/11/13 at Ivegill Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.
At the November meeting of Skelton Parish Council at Ivegill, Stacey Kane was in the chair. Joining her and the councillors were CCC Bert Richardson, the clerk and four members of the public.

CCC Richardson's report was mainly concerned with finance and the future savings that have to be made in the work of the County Council and its administration – millions have still to be found and cut over the next three years. More redundancies seem inevitable though some of these will be voluntary. Other fields under scrutiny are transport and the parking of cars and other vehicles. He also spoke of the patching of roads and said the repair to the bridge at Netherscales was under way. The chair thanked CCC Richardson for his report.

Following a meeting of this Council's Budget Committee, it was decided to keep the precept the same, indeed the same as it has been over a number of years – namely £10,000. This means that the Council will be unable to give grants as generously as it has done in the past few years. As it is at present, and with rising costs, well over half their income has to be spent on running the Council itself. Later at the meeting, it was agreed to send the Fellrunner the £200 that had been asked, for to cover some of the costs of the Friday bus.

The absence of a garden waste collection at Skelton was discussed again – it seems less than fair that a village as near as Greystoke should have a green wheelie bin kerbside collection while the residents of Skelton have to visit Flusco (particularly difficult for the elderly and whose without their own transport) when both villages are paying similar rates of tax. CCC Richardson is to write to Eden District Council also pointing this out.

Recently Tom Wolfe came to speak to some of the Councillors about Neighbourhood Development Planning in Designated Areas and one of the councillors has attended another special meeting. There are plans afoot to have the Green Hollows Estate identified in this way. For this to happen the Council have to support and back the scheme. (It is thought that grants are available to cover the costs of applying.) The Council is interested in this but designating one area has implications on other local developments. It therefore feels the need to learn more so as to have the necessary background knowledge to make a balanced decision. Hence a meeting was suggested at which Andy Lloyd (EDC) and David Graham (from Crosby Ravensworth and local leader of this village scheme) should be asked to speak – this is planned for 7th January 2014. Newton Rigg are unable to do a survey of the quarry at Lamonby. An alternative will be sought in the Spring when the better weather comes.

The playground at Laithes was discussed again. Considerable concern was expressed at the disappearance of the hedge which had marked part of the boundary and also acted as a partial barrier to keep children and their equipment inside. The Council is responsible to have safe and defined boundaries on all playground land that it looks after, both for the safety of those using the ground and to help keep balls and other equipment within the defined area. It is therefore arranging for a temporary fence to be put up as a replacement of the hedge – temporary because United Utilities will shortly be laying a drain through part of this area. Meantime the clerk is in touch with Eden District Council. The Braisegate playground is to being brought up to the standards set by RoSPA.

Highways always seems to be in the news at council meetings. CCC Richardson spoke about works done but there are still reports of bad patches at various places on the road between Hutton End and Durdar. Residents are asked to call the Highways' Hot Line at EDC, or alternatively to report or phone Bob Towers (councillor on 84727) if they wish to report a problem.

The Council will be following the advice and guide lines of NALC about the need to keep up to date and use the new digital banking rules and systems.

Next meeting of the Council will be on Tuesday 14th January at 7.30 pm in the Toppin Memorial Hall.


25/09/13 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 10/09/13 at Hutton End Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

The September meeting of Skelton Parish Council took place earlier this month with Martin Squires in the chair. CCC Bert Richardson was there for part of the evening as was Ian Watson (United Utilities); three members of the public and the clerk also joined the councillors.

In his report CCC Richardson spoke about the new CEO at Carlisle and of the continuing concern about future budgets. To date reorganization has resulted in a £80 million save but more has to be done. He said that the aim was to maintain front line services and that Highways works were now 'in house' . He also spoke about his own allocation of grant money for small parish jobs. He is to see about the requested grant for the Lamonby Quarry (for its fence and gate) and to report that a stone in the Netherscale bridge is missing. The problem of potholes in the roads is continuous - the small patching team will be in the parish the week stating 21st October.

The second speaker from United Utilities showed his firm's plans for a foul sewage system covering houses in Catterlen and Laithes. Gravity assisted by two pumps will bring the drainage down to Laithes where a small purifying plant is it be installed. A security fence and screening hedge will also be put in place. (Part of the work will affect the playground.) The plans are still under discussion, road closures will be involved – it is hoped to have the new system up and operating by March 2015.

The decreasing number of services in Skelton Village is causing concern – there is now an outreach Post Office available in the Village Hall on Mondays for two hours, 10.00 am to noon. Residents are asked to use this new service and spread the word because if it is not used it too will close. (The council much regrets the lack of information about this new facility). It was suggested that sales of local produce might coincide with this on Monday mornings. The paper and milk round has also gone - a small group at the East end of the village are organizing a collection rota from Greyskoke Shop. Meals-on-Wheels has now petered out but one of the councillors has asked about the new organization – it seems that this is now a self-help and self-funding service with locals totally responsible. More information is to be sought.

The green waste problem remains. The small survey done showed that the residents favour a house collection similar to that found in other parts of Eden DC – but that any collection, house or central village is better than nothing which is the present situation. The clerk is to contact the District Council again.

Several problems about the playgrounds have arisen. At the annual safety inspection inspection at Braisegate it was reported that the new swings are not quite up to standard – this is being reported back to the installers and will be sorted out together with some necessary notices about not climbing on the goalposts and the banning of dogs. Second is Ellonby: though the swings there are not the property of the parish council it is unhappy about their present state of repair – the clerk is to investigate and report back. At Laithes, a local resident has removed a hedge that abuts the playground. There must be clear and effective boundaries round all play areas (part of this patch will be involved in the new United Utilities drainage system). The boundaries demarcating all these grounds have to be secure and safe. Also a question about nearby trees has arisen. All this is under investigation and scrutiny.

The clerk has got quotes for the repainting/restoration of the telephone boxes at Skelton and Ellonby. Within certain limits these were accepted, and the go-ahead given. For various good reasons Askham Bryan College has been unable to do a survey of Lamonby quarry – other approaches are to be made to get this done.

After discussion a grant of £300 was approved for Ivegill Nursery. The audited accounts are now open for inspection.

Highway problems included a broken salt box lid under the newly restored signpost at Beaconside; flooding at Hurst Farm (gutter needs clearing); drainage at the side of St Michael's Church (on the list to be done). A new salt bin for Lamonby is to be ordered and the broken finger on the newly restored sign post at Hutton End investigated.

Planning applications are as follows:- Whitrigg Farm, Plumpton (dutch barn); Phoenix Hall, Skelton (detatched bungalow: the council has no objections to this, indeed it is keen to have more houses in the village). Granted are the roof over a silage clamp at Middle Farm, Laithes); the dutch barn at Whitrigg Farm and the pond at Meadow Plantation. Withdrawn is the application for a slate roof for the tutor wing at High Head Castle.

The budget committee will meet on Tuesday 8th October when Mr Wood will be talking about neighbourhood planning. The next full meeting of the Parish Council will be on Tuesday 12th November at Ivegill Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

 13/07/13 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 09/07/13 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

Stacey Kane was in the chair for the bi-mothly meeting of Skelton Parish Council Four members of the public joined the councillors and the clerk at the village hall. Nicky Higgins was co-opted as a new member of the council and will be a spokesman for the Ivegill ward.

The problems of some of the residents at Green Hollows still remain. These residents do not accept EDC's ruling that their sites should be for their life times only. They propose putting forward a Neighbourhood Plan to develop this whole 10 acre site in various ways. They ask for the support of the local council for this idea. Over the years this matter has been discussed several times: the council's view is that Green Hollows provides important housing for local people. There is a relative absence of affordable housing in the area and more is urgently needed. The council is to ask for guidance with this whole idea of a Neighbourhood Plan: currently it knows little because up to now planning has been, for the most part, in the hands of Eden DC.

Another outstanding problem is Garden Waste at Skelton. The Parish Council were asked to take responsibility for a skip organized by EDC. This it is unwilling to do because it does not have the resources to cope should the skip be used as a dumping ground for hazardous materials. The Council is to ask residents to confirm this need for Green Waste and hopes to do so through the Parish Notes. Other parts of Eden have the convenience of a doorstep wheelie green collection: at Skelton a common skip collection has worked in the past with EDC in charge. Currently there is nothing for local residents and the position is particularly acute for the elderly and those without their own transport to get to the tip at Flusco.

An out reach Post Office is to open for two hours on Monday mornings in the memorial Hall. This is expected to begin early August. While still regretting the longer opening times of the former arrangement, the Council hopes very much that this service will be widely supported.

The Nursery asks for a grant of £1,700. This provoked a long discussion. The background is that the nursery has few new starters for this September: (there has been no housing development allowed in the village for a number of years and young couples cannot afford the prices asked). The council is anxious to help because the school is an important focus of village life and its OFSTED's rating is outstanding. However, the Council's involvement has to be short as opposed to long term. It was decided to give a bridging loan for 50% of the amount requested in the hope that some thing can be worked out for a viable future. (The numbers forecast after the next academic year are rather higher).

Hutton Church has written to ask for the name of the joiner used for the local notice boards – it also asks for a grant. The name is no problem but specialised boards for different interest groups are generally regarded as the responsibility of the group itself.

With the help of local grants, it was decided to restore three more signposts viz those at Beaconside, New Rent and Lamonby.

Tasks completed are the installation of a new waste bin at Lamonby, this will take dog dirt as well as general litter and the refurbishment of the playground at Braisegate with new chippings and a surround. Blencowe is still interested in a defibrillator but has yet to decide where to put it. Still to be resolved is the problem at Laithes playground and the swings: these are in abeyance at present as it is possible the site could be used for a treatment plant. The wire blocking the footpath between Skelton and Laithes has been reported and will be removed. There is good news about the super fast broadband this is due in this area in April 2015.

The following planning applications have been received – Middle Farm, Laithes (roof over silage clamp): Broadoak, Ivegill (new dwelling): Meadow Plantation, North Thackwood, Southwaite (pond). Withdrawn is the application at High Head Castle to dismantle a chimney.

The Budget Committee will meet on Tuesday 8th October when it is hoped that a speaker can come and talk about Neighbourhood Plans. The next meeting of the full Council will be at Hutton Village Hall on Tuesday 10th September at 7.30pm.

17/05/13 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting and AGM held on 14/05/13 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

The Annual meetings of Skelton Parish Council and the parish as a whole took place in the first half of May. Two members of the public, EDC Kevin Beattie and the Clerk joined the councillors for the evening. Martin Squires and Stacey Kane were re-elected unanimously as chair and vice respectively for the coming year but concern was expressed about the continuing vacancies at Ivegill. It is important that this part of the District should be represented so that it can have a voice in local matters especially those where close working knowledge is important (i.e. housing and highway matters).

The chairman reviewed the year drawing attention to the refurbishment of a few of the traditional signposts, the new swings at Braisgate, the grants obtained for the footpath (St Michael's Church to Unthank the council acting as a facilitator): he also spoke of consultations with reference to street lights, the state of the local roads and housing together with all the general and continuing work that goes on. He thanked everyone for their cooperation and help. The accounts have been audited and are satisfactory.

Two situations are currently very important to all those living in or close to Skelton. First, the meeting was assured that a large skip would be arriving for garden waste very shortly – this will appear monthly during the summer and early autumn. Second, is the closure of the Post Office. A part-time outreach service for two hours on a Monday morning has been offered, this to be sited in the village hall. Extra hours are not negotiable and the Hall Committee has yet to agree the arrangements and the facilities required. While this initiative is far from ideal, the councillors supported it and hoped that it could soon be up and functioning. (Broadband lines and a special phone line have to be installed.)

Another important and long discussion was about housing. Little extra housing has been allowed or happened within the catchment of the Skelton school for many years. Young families are few on the ground due to the absence and/or cost of any affordable houses, especially for first time buyers. Forecasts of the number of children coming to Skelton Nursery in the future are seriously low. Both the Nursery and the School are important focal points of this small village but it seems that this council can do little more than point this out to those in charge of housing within the framework of the present economic crisis. A guest speaker to talk about the present housing problems was suggested.

Future signposts to be restored are the ones at Knights Lodge, Lamonby joined perhaps later by the one at New Rent. A letter had been received showing appreciation of this work.

EDC Beattie reported on the recent housing consultation and of the need for more homes in the Penrith area, of the lighting plans, the garden skip and of finance. Although the finances of Eden District are on target for 2012/3, the Council has to make still further cuts over the next few years. He also spoke of business rates and other income.

Planning applications were as follows-: Broad Oak, Braithwaite (house to replace caravan); High Head Castle, Ivegill (rebuild chimney, re-roof part of Tudor wing); Lanbus Plantation (tracks for forestry work). Granted were:- Howes Farm, Calthwaite(agricultural sheds). Going to appeal – Howes Farm, Calthwaite (erection of turbine). The situation about residential and touring sites for caravans at Green Holllows is the responsibility of the planning department (but the views of this council will on the agenda at the next meeting).

Among Highway matters, it was noted that many potholes had been filled in the local area and that the patching team would be back in July. It was also noted that work is to start very soon on two stretches of the B5305
Other items discussed were - the seats of the swings at Laithes which have been stolen – a group from this hamlet is to decide how and what to replace these with. A litter bin at Lamonby -
one is to be put here by the notice board – dog waste, if wrapped, may also be placed in here. The notice boards round the parish – these have been painted and one moved to Hutton End.
A grant of £400 was agreed for the Youth Club, this is in the main to cover the costs of hiring the hall.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th July at Toppin Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm. These meetings are open to all local residents.

15/03/13 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 12/03/13 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield.

Skelton Parish Council held their bimonthly meeting earlier this month with Stacey Kane in the chair. The councillors were joined by CCC Bert Richardson, the clerk and one member of the public.

An important consultation is currently under way about street and footpath lights. For safety reasons some of these have been condemned. There is also a campaign to save money and minimize light pollution. Hence all lights in small hamlets are to be shut down, while those in the village of Skelton itself will be much reduced. At present this is in the planning stage only. Residents may put forward reasons to keep lights on in certain places – anyone wishing to keep the lights near them should contact their local councillor as soon as possible. A meeting of EDC and local councillors is planned very shortly early in April.
Another important consultation is current about housing and its future policy in small villages. On 17th April in Skelton Vilage Hall the local residents are asked to come and check the plans and sites where small developments might be possible in the future.

CCC Richardson said he had little to report. He spoke of the budget and the savings that still had to be made. So far front line services had not been affected, reorganization and redundancies have been the chief area of savings. Highways had, he said, been taken back 'in house' and the pothole patching team were able to do a better quality job thanks to new technology and the availability of on the spot hot tar.
The current report to Highways includes a number of potholes scattered throughout the Parish. The team will be in the area on 15th April. The surface of the road through Ivegill and Steelgate is on the priority list for resurfacing.

Recently the County Council has done an inventory of all the finger signposts in the County and a small budget is to be set aside for their restoration. CCC Richardson reminded his audience that elections were due this year: he thanked the councillors for their support and said he would be standing as a Cumbria County candidate once more. The chair thanked him for his work and report.

The signpost at the bottom of Skelton village is now back in place and looking good. The restoration of the one at Lamonby is requested by a local resident. This is noted and it will be included in any future plan of action.

Complaints have been received about large and heavy vehicles driving on the grass verges in narrow country lanes to pass other big wagons. The clerk is to write to the local firms reported in the hope that the drivers can be made more aware of this problem and the mess it can cause.

A dog waste bin is requested for Lamonby. The clerk is to investigate this and arrange for one to be fixed and serviced. A litter bin was also suggested – it was thought this was less desirable and a @litter pick up' afternoon was suggested. There is also a broken hydrant post in this hamlet which will be reported.

The signs seem good that the garden skip waste scheme, operating in Skelton until the late Autumn, can be resumed this Spring – the council awaits confirmation. The glass in the noticeboard at Skelton has been replaced and the wood treated but the others in the parish have still to be attended to.

A quote from Playdale for a new swing at Braisegate with two seats for toddlers has been accepted. It is hoped to have this in place in a month or so. Mark Hill's tender for mowing the grass in the parish was the most competitive this year and he was given the contact.

The closure of Skelton Post Office in January has been a great loss and is much regretted. It was a valued service It is understood that Headquarters are trying to restore the facility but how and where this will happen is unknown at present.

A letter from Ivegill PCC was read out requesting a grant toward updating the sound system in the Church: the total bill is over £1,700. The councillors passed unanimously the amount requested - .
namely £500.

Planning applications received were as follow: - Howes Farm, Calthwaite (phase one of four to build a large agricultural shed) plus a smaller and separate one); Garth House, Hutton End (car port).

AGMs of the parish and the council will take place at 7.00 pm in the Toppin Memorial Hall on Tuesday 14th May. This is an evening of interest to parish residents when questions can be asked. It is planned to have a local speaker that evening.

14/01/13 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 08/01/13 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield
Martin Squires was in the chair when the councillors met at Skelton Memorial Hall in January. EDC Kevin Beattie was also present together with the clerk and one member of the public.

Apart from the need to keep down all District costs, EDC Kevin Beattie spoke about two main issues – the first was street lighting. Some lights attached to telegraph poles are to come down for safety reasons and may not be replaced. The number of poles involved in this parish is unknown and the whole question is currently out on consultation. The other issue was about garden waste – the house collection of blue bags and green containers works well, there is also a recycling centre at the Memorial Hall but with the cessation of the skips for garden rubbish in the Autumn, there are now no local facilities for this type of disposal. Other parts of the County and District have do have wheelie bins for this green disposal. This council and parish feel strongly they should have access to a similar collection service.

Two councillors attended a meeting at the Transmitting Station recently – they were there together with members of Eden District Council and others to learn more about Health and Safety both on the site and outside. Skelton Council now awaits a letter from EDC confirming the issues raised and corrected in this presentation and the discussion that followed.

One grant has been received from EDC, with another promised from Cumbria Waste Management Environmental Trust, towards funding for the renovation of the footpath from Skelton to Unthank. We must wait to see if Cumbria CC Highways reinstate grants that had been promised, after funding was withdrawn at the end of October, before the footpath work can proceed.

The signpost at the back of the Transmitting Station is compete and looks good. The notice boards will be refurbished shortly and one moved from Thomas Close to Hutton End. The only group to show interest in the phone box at Ellonby was the First Responders; they do not wish, however, to be responsible for its upkeep because of the unknown expense of upkeep and reconnecting the electricity supply when the box is officially dismantled sometime in the future. This Council is offering to take over this responsibility for the box initially and will reconsider the position again as and when BT takes some action to exit. The clerk is in correspondence about the Braisegate playground and its repairs/improvements – it is hoped to get matters moving soon.

Planning decisions were as follows: Granted - Stockbridge Farm, Thomas Close, (carport in place of lean to) and 3, Inglewood Court, Hutton End (replacement conservatory). The application for Braithwaite House was refused. New policies re-planning are to be published soon. They are to give more guidance about focusing on questions of actual material relevance to planning laws.

The Council agreed a grant of £500 to go towards the production of the local Parish Notes. The other request for a grant came from a Grammar School pupil asking for help to go on a sponsored educational trip to the Far East. The Council is to check on the legality of this request – meanwhile contacting a local Educational Trust was suggested. Advertisements are to be drafted for local grass cutting, these tenders to cover the next three years. The planned Welcome Pack was discussed alongside the Parish Web-site and its possible development: – this is to be discussed again.

Bob Towers (01768484727) is the councillor to contact to report potholes in the local roads. These are bad and often seem to be getting worse by the day. The small repair team will be in the parish toward the end of January and then again mid-April.

The next meeting of Skelton Parish Council will be on Tuesday 12th March 2013 at 7.30 pm in the Memorial Hall.

16/11/12 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 13/11/12 at Ivegill Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

In the absence of Martin Squires, the November meeting of Skelton Parish Council was chaired by the vice-chair Stacey Kane. It took place at Ivegill Village Hall.

The report from EDC Kevin Beattie was read in his absence by the clerk – once again the need for more savings at the County level was stressed. He also said the garden rubbish collection scheme, which had worked well for some years was closing because it was no longer viable – this leaves the house holders of Skelton and the surrounding area with a big problem. Other areas in the District have wheelie bins which are emptied every two weeks or so – the clerk is writing to EDC explaining that there are considerable difficulties about this here and now. Other topics covered in his report were street lighting and his approach to wind farms. He explained that the loss of some street lights - those attached to buildings and duel purpose poles are likely not to be replaced, because of expense. With regard to turbines in this local area, he supports the smaller single ones but not the larger wind farms.

To meet the costs of running the Parish Council, Skelton's budget committee recommended a precept of £10,000, this is the same as it has been for quite a few years and the proposal was passed unanimously by the Council. Other budget matters concerned maintenance and grants: the noticeboards are to be painted and the glass of one is to be replaced (more quotes have to be got); the new swing seats for Braisegate playground are to be fixed, the costs of edging boards are to be sought and replacing the cargo net thought about. The council passed a grant of £500 for outdoor play equipment at Skelton School; £1,500 for one equipment pack for a first responder; £200 to go to the Fellrunner Bus to help with the costs of the monthly service to Carlisle; and three annual grants (of £400, £400 & £200) to help with the capital and running costs of the three churchyards at Hutton, Skelton and Ivegill respectively.

The lack of affordable housing in a recurring theme in country areas and the recent survey in Skelton confirms this: Andy Lloyd from Cumbria Rural Housing Trust has offered to come and talk about how to do a development but first there has to be a plot on which to build. As there seems to be nothing available within the village of Skelton, the council will try and identify somewhere a bit further afield.

The only group interested in the Phone Box at Ellonby are the first responders. There was a long discussion about maintenance and the electricity supply which will ultimately be disconnected by BT. The possibility of the Council renting out the box and the responsibility of it to the First Responders will be explored.

Planning applications were as follows – Crown Farm, Unthank (rebuild part of a wall); Stockbridge Farm, Thomas Close (replace shed with carport); Southview, Ellonby (slurry store); Braithwaite Mill (retrospective for mobile home). The Council only objects to the last of these on the grounds that there is no business run from this address at present, therefore no need exists to house a manager. Granted are:- Middle Farm, Laithes (roof over midden); Roe Hill, High Bridge (new gable); Skelton Transmitter (minor amendment to an earlier application). Refused:- Howes Farm, Calthwaite (medium scale turbine).

Highways matters covered a number of potholes round the area, a signpost that had been hit at the back of Skelton Pastures, water flowing down the lane passed St Michael's Church and monitoring the traffic on the B5305.

The level of radiation outside Skelton Meadows has been questioned. An invitation to visit the manager there will be accepted by one or two councillors.

The next meeting of Skelton Parish Council will be on Tuesday 8th January at 7.30 pm at Toppin Memorial Hall, Skelton.

16/09/12 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 11/09/12 at Hutton End Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Martin Squires chaired the September meeting of Skelton Parish Council. It was held at Hutton End Village Hall with four members of the public joining the councillors, clerk and EDC Kevin Beattie.

In his report EDC Beattie spoke of recycling and ironing out the few remaining hiccups. There was also a question about continuing the garden waste scheme at Skelton..As regards the budget, he said that as the Mansion House had not sold, the plans for single site working for the District Council were on hold. He also stated the great pressure that there is to keep overall costs down. The Community Fund will open again in October. Pot holes remain a problem. The new two-man teams going round seem to work well but the larger schemes still take a long time to receive attention. The speed of traffic passing through Unthank remains a problem and a worry.

On behalf of the Footpath Initiative and with reference to the path from St Michael's Church to Unthank, Helen Squires presented a list of costs requesting that the Council should promise £500 toward the total expenditure and that the requests to the various granting bodies should be made in the name of the Council. Both of these requests was passed unanimously.

The telephone box at Thomas Close will be decorated and seen to by one of the Councillors: it will display local information inside. The first Responders at Ellonby have requested that theirs maybe used to house a defibrillator: this will require an electric supply (to be checked on), the box also needs some maintenance.

The following planning applications have been granted:- Riverbank, Laithes (extension); Oaklands, Lamonby (alterations and extension); Upfront Gallery, Unthank (new building for gallery, puppet theatre and museum, plus some amendments of earlier plans); Roe Hill, Highbridge (amendments to original listed building); The Both, Highbridge (removal of internal ground floor wall). New requests have been received from:- Southview Farm, Ellonby (slurry store); Middle Farm, Laithes (roof over midden); Roe Hill, Highbridge (erection of gable on SE elevation).

The Braisegate Playground has had its annual inspection and received some suggestions for improvement. The points raised were noted namely – the need for a swing seat for younger children, the difficulty the smaller ones have to climb up the apparatus to use the shoot, the wear and tear of the top platform, the need for a warning notice on the goalpost, the ageing of the timber surround and the depth of the bark chippings. These are to looked into and costed as required

Other business was as follows. The restoration costs of signposts was discussed and the go ahead given for two more – one at the back of the Transmitting Station, the other near Cardub.

The notice boards all need some paint and other attention. These are to be costed and seen to.

Some first aid will be given to put the broken bar on the bench at Laithes in order. The Parish website will be updated to include the assests held by the council.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 13th November 2012 at 7.30 pm at Ivegill Village Hall.

15/07/12 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 10/07/12 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Martin Squires chaired the July meeting of Skelton Parish Council with two members of the public joining the councillors for the evening. Beside the usual range of business, Codes of Conduct and the Registration of Councillors' Interests had to be updated: later in the session there was a long discussion to sort out lines of communication and responsibility between the Council on the one hand and the work! finance of the Community Action group with its various initiatives and different personnel on the other. ( Ideally project plans together with costs should come from the latter and be presented to the council for suggestions and approval.) The report from Bob Towers, chair of the CAP, included a discussion about a parish welcome pack, the unsuccessful application (Eden Rural Infrastructure) for a grant for footpath restoration and where else to look for funds, .
The offer to install and service defibrillators in all the village halls is proving more expensive than expected, meantime the halls at Ivegill and Hutton End have declined the invitation. The clerk will clarify costs and try to learn more about the reasons for the two halls refusing the offer. A request for £240 to run a remote Cinema six times a year at the Memorial hall, Skelton, was passed, as was a small annual fee for a licence to use the Interactive Mapping facility on the intern et.
A small Highways team will be in the Skelton Parish area early October. A list of work to be done and/or complaints and suggestions will be drawn up during the week starting 30th July: anyone with complaints/suggestions should contact Alan Dickenson, (Highways steward) on or before that date so that the list can be logged and confirmed for later work to be done. Issues include tree roots in Phoenix Park, road surfaces and various potholes. Other problems discussed were: parking in Laithes; traffic speed and the right-angled bend on the B3505 at Hutton; the digging up of the road verges at Unthank (permission had been given for this in order to have more efficient drainage installed with some hard core on top - a footpath is planned).
Planning has been granted to the following: replacement slurry store for Belmont Farm, Ivegill; consolidation and stabilisation of ruined structure at High Head Castle, Ivegill; installation of solar panels for High Head Castle Farm, Ivegill; and an extension for Oaklands, Lamonby.
Lamonby quarry and plans for its future were discussed. Both Newton Rigg and Ground Work NE & Cumbria have visited this site. In the first instance. it was decided that Newton Rigg should be asked to do a base-line survey.
The bench at Laithes is now installed - it took a little longer than expected to arrive because a coat of preservative was necessary before installation.
Quotes to restore two more signposts are to be sought - the-two are the post at the back of the BBC and the one at the bottom of Skelton Village. The phone boxes at Ellonby and Thomas Close, now parish property, are to be cleaned before deciding on their future use and maintenance
The next meeting will be at Hutton End Village Hall on Tuesday IIth September 2012 at 7.30 pm.


Skelton Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting Tuesday 8th May 2012

Skelton Parish Council held an Annual Parish Meeting which was open to all members of the public. The meeting was attended by Oliver Shimell (EDC), and 5 members of the public. The time was given to Bob Towers, Parish Councillor and Chair of the Community Action Plan Committee to present an update on the progress of the Community Action Plan (CAP).
Bob Towers played a short video that was created by Eden District Council showing ‘Life in an Eden Village’ and how the Community Action plan was helping to address issues. This was an excellent short video that succinctly reviewed the benefits of having an Action Plan. Thanks to Oliver Shimell and Eden District Council.
Bob Towers then ran through a presentation noting that the implementation of the CAP had commenced in the Parish. The Skelton Luncheon Club now meets at Skelton Memorial Hall on the second Wednesday of the month. A group purchasing oil scheme has been organised by Pauline Piper through Stobart Fuels and there are 45 interested households. The CAP, helped by the Ivegill Footpath Group is putting forward a bid to EDC for funds to repair and improve the public footpath from St Michaels Church in Skelton to Upfront Gallery in Unthank. Estimates so far are in the region of £23,000. The Skelton Area First Responders Group is also doing well with 8 volunteers now qualified and about to go live. Fundraising is on-going as well as seeking grants.
Bob mentioned that the Parish Council were looking at options for a Nature Reserve at Lamonby Quarry and needed to know the views of residents on how to develop the area.
Another success is the Fellrunner Bus that travels to Carlisle once a month on a Thursday. It has been well received and the company are always looking for volunteer drivers.
Bob confirmed the CAP group meet on the last Monday in the month at the Dog & Gun at 7.30pm. Thanks were given to everyone involved in the implementation of the Community Action Plan.
Parishioners Forum – Sheila McGee spoke about the Eden Lifeline Project to place a public access defibrillator on every village hall in Eden. The chairman thanked her for the information and confirmed the project was on the agenda for the main meeting.
Oliver Shimell enquired about the replacement bench in Laithes. The Parish Clerk confirmed a replacement was in hand and due to be in situ shortly.
The AGM for 2013 was confirmed to be on the 14th May at 7pm.


Members of the public were invited to stay for the annual general meeting but everyone except the press note taker decided to leave.
The meeting commenced with the election of officers. Martin Squires was re-elected as Chairperson. Stacy Kane was nominated to remain as Vice-Chair but due to her absence from the meeting this would be confirmed next time. The Budget Committee was confirmed and would be reviewed in the autumn.
The Parish Clerk noted that there had been no response to the request for nominations in the Ivegill ward.
The Clerk reinforced the requirements of a declaration of interest. One councillor declared a personal interest in a later grant application to be discussed in 12/012 but there was no direct benefit.
The chair, Martin Squires, reviewed the past council year 2011/12 and the Responsible Financial Officer, Judith Naylor, presented the annual accounts and confirmed they had been audited. They were accepted as a true record by all councillors present.
There were no reports from CCC and EDC.
Correspondence covered an update on signpost restoration. The posts at Hurst and Ivegill are now complete. Two phone boxes have been adopted by the Parish Council and it was confirmed the boxes had been emptied of equipment. A planning application at Howes Farm had been varied but it was noted the website now said it had been withdrawn. This will be checked by the Clerk.
There will be a reduced speed limit from the Skelton Crossroads to Crown Point from the 11th June whilst road repairs are carried out.
A road closure has been confirmed for the 4th June to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The road will be closed in Skelton from the Dog & Gun to Coopers Garth from 7am until midnight.
There were no further comments on Highways and Planning.
The Parish Council will continue to hold meetings at Skelton, Ivegill and Hutton End Halls.
There were 4 requests for funding. It was agreed to award £300 to Lady Inglewood for entertainment at a community Jubilee Celebration on the 5th June at Hutton in the Forest. Skelton Luncheon Club were awarded £50 towards set up costs and Skelton Youth Club £400 towards on-going costs. The Eden Lifeline Project was requesting £250 towards a public defibrillator on each village hall in the parish. It was agreed to pledge £250 toward the equipment at Skelton and Hutton End and £125 towards Ivegill and Laithes halls that were both within joint parishes.
The Parish Clerk noted that all funding request needed to be with her by at least 14 days before a meeting as the finalised paperwork is sent to parish councillors one week before the meeting.
The next Parish Meeting was agreed to be on Tuesday 10th July 2012 at Skelton Toppin Memorial Hall.


15/03/12 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 13/03/12 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield  

Martin Squires chaired the March meeting of Skelton Parish Council. The Councillors, clerk and two members of the public were joined by CCC Bert Richardson.

Grants and money seemed to be the recurring theme of the evening both how to apply for it and how to best spend what is available on an annual basis. Besides approving various running costs, the Council agreed that £1,100 should go to Hutton End Village Hall for some major roof repairs, (CCC Richardson also suggested approaching his discretionary fund for help here): £500 was passed to help with the costs of producing the Parish Notes and two special one-off Jubilee grants were agreed. The first of these for Skelton - £400 will help with the costs of a street party on the 4th June and go towards some commemorative gifts for the children: the second for an event at Ivegill on the 5th June – this also to help with the purchase of some suitable souvenirs of the children.

In his report CCC Bert Richardson spoke about the savings the County Council had made in this financial year (this mainly through redundancies) and about those cuts that were still to come. He reported that the scales of pay had been rationalized and the local fire station moved. The Council tax itself stays the same though the household bills will increase slightly because of the rising police budget. He confirmed that Flusco was a transit site and would not be scaling down like some of the other recycling centres. Turning to local Skelton matters, he said he hoped that a grant would be forthcoming very shortly to help with the costs of restoring signposts. He explained about the Amey contact finishing soon and about how some of the highways work will be done in house and others by small competitive contractors. He offered to spend time with a local councillor driving round to pinpoint the potholes, this was taken up. CCC Richardson also suggested the Council applied for funds to finance the new gate and fencing at Lamonby Quarry which now have the go ahead.

The Council are still waiting for ideas about the future of this quarry. Again they ask local residents for thoughts about this. Should this land be generally accessible? Should it be planted with trees? Is diversity of plants and habitat a good idea? Etc. The Council will be looking for a specialist partner to advise on the planning of any future project.

A report was read from the Community Action Plan Community. The First Responders Group has been set up independently. There are nine members and training and fund raising have begun. Some Neighbourhood Watch Groups have been alerted and told about police warnings available on the internet. The bulk buying of oil is being studied, as is a Welcome pack and a trial bus to Carlisle, The restoration of the footpath St Michael's Church to the Upfront Gallery was discussed again. This will be very expensive, require professional assistance and hopefully a grant. The Council are to forward this application for help. The Action Committee meets again on the last Monday of the month. Bob Towers will be speaking at the AGM meeting of the Parish on 8th May.

Planning applications were as follows: Smiths Arms, Ivegill (2story extension to front of barn): High Head Castle Farm, Ivegill (solar panels): Transmitting Station (refurbishment of existing transmitter hall). Granted are: Swaithwaite Head, Ivegill (solar panels): East View Farm, Southwaite (cattle building): Middle Farm, Laithes (roof over manure store): The Beeches, Lamonby (agricultural building): Plot 4, Chapelfield, Skelton (extending existing planning): Keepers Lodge, Ivegill (ground mounted solar panels).

Eden District Council had asked for topics to be examined by their Scrutiny Committee – the following were suggestions: parking, the running of the facilities at Frenchfield, the Localisation Bill.

There has been a complaint about the management of noticeboards and the covering up of some pieces of information. The locals are reminded that the boards are for public notices only – ie they are NOT for private advertising. The trouble is that at times there are too many notices for the space available. Locking access was discussed and rejected – those in charge just have to ask people to be sensible and give priority to those bits of information that are current and in Skelton and/or within easy reach.

Other Highway matters concerned – a blocked gully near the bottom of Lamonby and an overflowing culvert that floods near a pond at Ellonby – work for the latter is in hand. The Parish Council ask that the cutting of the verges should be done later rather than earlier – this to give the wild flowers a chance to seed. Ideally the cutting should not be before mid-July. Highways is responsible for the first metre next to the road – for safety reasons cutting here is frequently done earlier. The Lord of the Manor has been consulted about verges and pieces of land at Ellonby – a timetable for some clearing has been agreed.

The date of the next meeting is 8th May 2012 in Skelton Memorial Hall. The Annual Parish Meeting which precedes those of the Council and which is open to all local residents, will start at the earlier time of 7.00 pm.

17/01/12 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 10/01/12 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

 Martin Squires was in the chair for the January meeting of Skelton Parish Council. EDC Beattie and the clerk were also at the meeting together with eleven members of the public. The Council was extremely sorry to hear of the resignation of Terry Jolley – he has been representing the Ivegill ward for a number of years . He saw his work in a broad setting often attending specialised meetings in the wider area and reporting back the news to the Council. His resignation is an extra blow as there are already two vacancies in the Ivegill ward.

This resignation was one of the main talking points of the meeting: another was the planning application for two turbines at Howes Farm, Calthwaite. This had been discussed at an earlier extraordinary meeting of the Council in December. A letter received from a local resident was read out, this complained about the way in which the voting had taken place at the meeting and the wording of those proposals. The Council accepted the criticisms as far as management of the meeting was concerned but nevertheless the nomination to object to the planning application was over ruled and the concerns raised by the Councillors at the meeting were advanced to the Planning Department by the clerk, namely – the closeness of the grade one listed building, Scales Hall to one of the turbines:. the Council would have liked to have known whether alternative positions had been considered. Another reservation was whether other similar applications would follow. (Also there was no data given re- the flicker, noise or potential efficiency of the turbines at the two sites). The councillors were split in their recommendations about this application – a fact that was especially poignant as feelings ran high and the fact that there were the two counsellor vacancies in the Ivegil ward. (NB. It is important that these roles are filled). An amendment to a previously granted application at Smith Arms, Thomas Close was the only other planning item on the agenda. The council had no comment to make on this.

EDC Beattie in his report spoke of the budget and various reviews, of the desirability for the District Council to be all together under one roof and of the development of a business park north of Gillwilly Estate. The chair of the Community Action Group reported on the setting up and good progress of a First Responder's group in the area: of an application for funds to restore and upgrade the bridal path which runs from St Michael’s Church to Unthank: on improvements to the parish website and the possibility of launching a mapping tool: on the possibility of setting up a lunch club and a bus to Carlisle. He said his group meet on the second Monday of each month at the Dog & Gun but that the February meeting would, for various good reasons, be on 29th of that month.

Highway matters were about flooding on the road between Hutton End and Hutton-in-the-Forest. There is also a drain that overflows after heavy rain in Braisegate, Skelton, this is near to Pennine View. The signpost at Ivegill is now restored. The one at the Hurst is currently being worked on. Meantime a grant application is being prepared to help with these extra expenses.

A request for funding had been received from Skelton Nursery. £500 was passed unanimously to help cover running costs of this highly successful facility. The future of Lamonby Quarry was also on the agenda again. As a first step it was decided to replace the gate. This is to be done. This area is common land and there are several ideas as to how it might be used or developed in the future. Councillors were asked to tap into the views of local residents and report back at the next meeting.
The next meeting of Skelton Parish Council will be on Tuesday March 13th 2012 at 7.30 pm in Toppin Memorial Hall, Skelton.

11/11/11 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 08/11/11 at Ivegil Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield
Skelton Parish Council held their November meeting earlier this month at Ivegill Village Hall. EDC Kevin Beaty joined the councillors, the clerk and one member of the public for the evening. In the absence of the Martin Squires, Stacey Kane took the chair.

Bob Towers told the council about the recent meetings of the Community Action Plan that had taken place – one in Skelton and the other in Ivegill. It was thought that perhaps a hundred or so people were involved some manning the stalls showing what was on offer, others coming to see the stalls and/or how they might fit into the general scheme of things by help to implement the Plan in some way. Interest was high in the areas of life saving skills and expanding the Parish website; there are also plans hatching for the footpath down past the church, a litter picking day, and the extension of the number of neighbourhood watch schemes. Also under discussion are the bus timetable, the voluntary car service, a Skelton lunch club and an Ivegill tea time gathering - (the local ponds at Ellonby also need clearing). There will be follow up meetings on the second Monday of each month at 7.30 pm in he Dog and Gun. Thanks were expressed to Bob, the stall holders and everyone else involved in helping to get the Action Plan up and moving.

In his report EDC Kevin Beaty spoke of the reorganization at the District Council and of the priority to keep all front-line services in good shape; of voluntary redundancies and balancing the budget and of the collection of bins and recycling. It is good that the weekly collections are to continue but there is a need for more provision for plastics in the area, also the doorstep service provided varies in the different parts of the region.

It is disappointing to learn that amongst the trees at the far end of the Ellonby pitch garden waste has been tipped - this is particularly upsetting as the Council had this whole area cleared only a short time ago – residents are reminded that there is to be no
tipping of any kind of rubbish in this whole area.

The future of the telephone kiosks at Thomas Close and Ellonby were discussed at length. The councillors were particular keen to preserve the latter. In the end it was decided to keep both but the problem of their maintenance and possible use remain. Ideas are sought from those living close. Another long discussion took place about the future of the quarry at Lamonby. There is to be a site meeting there to decide about a gate, fencing and any other requirements.

The restoration of signposts is to continue – one at Ivegill and another at the Hurst were given the go ahead.

The clerk drew the attention of the meeting to a letter from planning. In future consultations will be done electronically. This will save both time and money. The plans for Ivegill school have been approved. Other applications received are for – Unit1, Swaithwaite Head, Ivegill (solar panels): Middle Farm, Laithes (roof over manure store): plot 4, Chapelfield, Skelton (time extension): Keepers Cottage, Ivegill (ground placed solar panels): Braithewaite Mill (paddock to become a garden with a greenhouse): East View Farm, Southwaite (building for cattle).

The report from the budget committee was accepted together with the recommendation for a precept of £10,000. A grant of £300 was approved for a refrigerator and toys for the school breakfast club – this is now up and running (also growing). The replacement bench for Laithes is ready and will be delivered and fixed shortly. Other routine expenses were also agreed.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday January 10th 2012 at 7.30 pm in Skelton
Village Hall.

15/09/11 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 13/09/11 at Hutton End Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield
Skelton Parish Council met earlier this month at Hutton End Village Hall. CCC Bert Richardson, Jayne Potts (Cumbria Royal Housing Trust) and one member of the public joined the councillors and Clerk for this meeting.
The first item on the agenda was the election of a new chairman. The resignation of Liz Blake after such a short time in office was much regretted. The council asked for their sentiments to be recorded and that a letter of thanks be sent saying ‘thank you, best wishes and you will be welcome back at any time.’ Stacey Kane, vice chair, opened the meeting but nominations for the vacancy were slow. After considerable deliberation Martin Squires was elected unanimously with Stacey staying in her post – a job that could be rather busier that usual as his job as a vet may mean he will not able to attend all meetings.
An important part of the evening was devoted to Community Action Plan and its next stage – there will be two open sessions of Sausages, Solutions and Showcase on 5th October (Skelton Village Hall ) and 12th (Ivegill Village Hall). These are to bring the Community Action Plan to life. There will be displays/stalls covering the activities of local groups, environmental matters, policing, health, broadband, communication, roads, recycling, renewable energy and alternative transport. It is hoped that parishioners will attend the launch to see the different types of community projects that could be instigated on their behalf and to see how they could help.
A letter from a leader of the Youth Club asks if the club can assist in any way with local tasks and general parish maintenance and well being. The answer is yes. Plans for Braisegate, the Lamonby quarry, litter picking, pruning etc are all there to be done next year. Much of this is part of the Parish Action Plan. This whole subject will be discussed again in November.
Jayne Potts reported back on a housing survey, this is also a part of the main plan. She spoke of the evident and confirmed need for more housing, particularly amongst young people. In the present climate, this group have little hope of being able to stay in the local area, as there are few affordable and suitable houses available. The full report is available on the Council’s website.
The refurbishment of Signposts was also one of the main talking points. This was difficult as councillors had little experience of the long term weathering of such posts, while the quotes themselves appeared to cover different procedures. It was decided that the councillors should inspect various posts where work had been done to try to access its longevity. This will be discussed again. Also with reference to signposts, a local resident wishes to improve the condition of a post near his house. The council agreed to support the necessary materials for this.
CCC Richardson spoke of his 8 years as a District Councillor and of his heavy workload. He did not stand again for EDC at the last election but plans to continue as a County Councillor for this full session. His said financial matters at county level were very challenging and would continue to be so for the next three years. The implementation of Single Status, now a necessary requirement has also added to recent costs. He explained about grants for roads and their repair, offering to meet a councillor in Ivegill to look at recent repairs and current problems. It seems the roadsides are crumbling at the edges. He also spoke of salt deliveries for the winter; traffic and traffic lights in Penrith together with the plans for the new fire station closer to the main trunk roads. He reported on the vote not to support the election of a police commissioner and of the discussions now underway for a joint emergency community and fire rescue service.
Beside the poor condition of the road through Ivegill already mentioned, Highway matters were as follows. Damage to houses on the small-restricted road at Laithes is reported. Unless delivering, large vehicles should not be using this short cut. Highways are to renew the relevant signs. The two sources of foul water in the lane at the side of St Michael’s Church, Skelton have been dealt with but the surface of this bridleway is totally unsatisfactory and the exposed rock is very slippery. There is a forestry team working lower down on this path. It will be consulted about this and where the responsibility lies.
Planning Applications received are for Thackwood, Southwaite and Smith Arms, Marketgate. Granted are the two slurry lagoons for Lord Inglewood and, with various conditions, the digestor at Highhead Castle Farm.
Several queries have been raised about phone boxes. The one at Thomas Close is to be withdrawn by BT – would the locals like to retain the structure? If nothing is done it will become an eyesore quite soon. Another at Ellonby has no phone. A third at Unthank, where mobile signals are bad, though working needs a spring clean – the latter will be referred back to BT.
Dog fouling was on the agenda once again. An article by our local vet will be published soon about the serious diseases that can be caused to both humans and other animals. Excrement should be lifted and safely disposed of at all times and in all places, including the fields and road verges.
Other matters raised were; the need for a Broadband champion - this will be Terry Jolley; the bench at Laithes, which has been removed - the council is considering a replacement; and the annual ROSPA inspection of Braisegate playground – the points raised will be attended to.
The next meeting will be at Ivegill Village Hall on Tuesday 8th November at 7.30 pm.

 25/07/11 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 12/07/11 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield
Liz Blake chaired the bimonthly meeting of Skelton Parish Council held earlier this month. Five members of the public and EDC Kevin Beaty joined the councillors and the clerk. Liz Blake welcomed the new District Councillor; in introducing himself he spoke of his experience in farming, the marketing of milk and his involvement with the recycling of garden waste. He went on the talk about the £1million deficit at Eden and ways of tackling this including the possibility of linking up with neighbours and running some services jointly.

The main focus of the evening was the Community Action Plan. This has been published and sent to every household in the parish (including the whole of Ivegill). It summarizes the views of the local people in relation to how they see their future in the community, and what they would like to see happening to improve the environment and general facilities. The council adopted this as a guide to future action – acknowledging its value particularly at this time of change with its glimpses of ‘a big society’. The chair thanked Bob Towers and his group for all their time and input over the years saying that the evidence and need for some change is now there. The challenge is – how to carry these initiatives forward and take the next steps.

The outcomes of the study are the actions needed in this area to improve life and the facilities available: these are spelt out in the document. What has now to be determined is how to set about implementing the many and varied initiatives and who is responsible for taking the lead in each sphere. A pro-active view has to be taken: in fact it is up to those in the parish itself to take the action - help, advice and some financial support will follow if, and where, applicable. After a long discussion it was decided that a small sub-committee, common to both the Parish and the Community Group should meet to have a brain storming session and possibly plan an event, or events, to launch the next stage. It has to decide how to translate the listed actions into working groups and hence reality. This has already started to happen in the case footpaths. It was also thought that there should be some distant steering group to help and oversee any applications for grants. The Clerk is there to facilitate any, indeed all, initiatives.

The footpath group, working to improve and maintain these rights of way, has met problems of contaminated water on the bridle path from Skelton to Unthank. The clerk is to contact the properties thought to be involved. The water near Ivebank, Ivegill appears solved. Pictures of the river near the Packhorse Bridge have been taken and interested parties are getting together to improve the flow of the water at this point. Heavy rain and hence strong currents are the problem.

Highway matters concerned the terrible state of the road between Ellonby and Lamonby and potholes in and around Ivegill. The question of road side grass verges was also raised – the overall management of these belongs to Highways, what was in question on this occasion was the farmers doing their first cuts in May. The council were asked to put the case for this work to be done in mid-July - this allows the wild flowers and herbs to reseed themselves. Following the success of the refurbishment of the old fashioned signpost at Hutton End, it was decided to get quotes for similar work for those at Hurst and Ivegill (the one just north of the cross roads).

Once again the question of dog fouling was raised. This problem can only be solved with the cooperation of the dog owners and/or reporting the offenders. Residents have to be educated about the problems. In built up areas the nuisance is obvious: on country footpaths fouling also creates health problems for sheep and abortions in cattle. The telephone number to ring to report offenders is 01768817817: a few further notices are to be put up.

Planning has been granted to Brow Top, Skelton (conversion of an outbuilding to a dwelling); and to Ivegill School (extension). Applications have been received from – Highhead Castle Farm (anaerobic digester plant); Namaste, Lamonby (conservatory); Braithwaithe Mill, Ivegill (extension of garden into paddock).

Other matters were varied and unrelated. The quarry at Lamonby is not stock proof and there is no water. In area it is over two acres and is not let at present. The council would like to receive ideas about its future. Please contact a councillor with your views. A photo of the vandalized bench at Laithes was passed round. It was decided this should be scrapped and local quotes for a replacement sought.

An application for a grant was received from Ivegill Village Hall for replacement chairs – a grant of £625 was passed unanimously.

Free Rural Energy Advice Programme will be doing a green survey of a village in the near future – Skelton is putting itself forward as a possible volunteer. This is all part of a Sustainable Communities Plan.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 13th September at 7.30 pm at Hutton End Hall.

14/05/11 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 09/05/11 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Skelton Parish Council held its annual meetings earlier this month. The clerk, Bob
Towers (Chair of the Community Action Plan), Oliver Shimell (EDC) and four members
of the public, joined the councillors for these sessions.

The Annual Parish Meeting, to which all members of the public are asked, was mainly
concerned this year with the Community Action Plan, its progress and findings. Bob
Towers, chairman of this group, gave a presentation showing and explaining how this
had been done, also of the need for community involvement at all stages -this to
make real and practical differences for the benefit of all. He showed some slides
of how the summary and Action Plan are to look when published. This final document
will be circulated to all local households in the near future together with a
Housing Needs Survey required by Eden District Council. Bob Towers thanked Oliver
Shimell (EDC), Carl Glynn (Action for Communities in Cumbria), and his committee for
their help throughout this initiative. His spoke of some works, triggered by the
survey that had begun already - namely, footpath improvement, first responders
training. He said it was a time of change for the bus service and other alternative
transport. The Chair of the meeting thanked him and others involved in this whole
project. It was decided to formally adopt the Action Plan at the next meeting. It
was also pointed out that there should, indeed must be, some overall strategy about
the plans of different action groups and any applications for grants.

The second meeting that followed was the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council at
which some routine business is transacted. Liz Blake and Stacey Kane were
re-elected unanimously as Chair and Vice chair respectively: the members of the
budget committee were also appointed to serve again this year. With the election
over and the councillors returned, the clerk explained the importance of the
declaration of interests; the required 'acceptances of office' were signed. The
Chair reviewed the past 12 months spelling out what had happened and the various
initiatives that had been taken. The accounts had been audited - they were all in
order and accepted by the Parish Council.

The meeting noted how well the refurbished signpost at Hutton End was looking; it
discussed which post to tackle next, the costs and when it should be done. It was
decided to put the rent of the quarry at Lamonby out to tender. A grant of £20 was
approved for the Cumbria Playing Fields Association and one of £250 was granted for
the preservation of red squirrels (this cause was very strongly backed in the recent
Action Survey). This grant was made with a request for a progress report about in
6/8 months time.

Among other matters on the agenda was the packhorse bridge at Ivegill, which is
still causing concern. Its ownership has yet to be confirmed. Meantime work needs
to be done on the riverbanks under the bridge to strengthen them from strong
currents after heavy rain. The Environmental Agency is to be consulted again with
an offer, from a local working party, to carry out what is necessary to stop
further erosion and the bridge being undermined. The footpath group is also to
question access over the river and beyond.

Highways matters included a drain in Ellonby, water on the road near Ivebank,
Ivegill and the need of some surface road work both at Hutton End and near Ivegill
School. It was also noted that the highways hotline was good.

Applications for planning have been received from: Inglewood Estates (slurry lagoons
at both Home Farm, Hutton and Whitrigg, Plumpton); Ivegill School (extension); the
Rectory Skelton (notice of tree works). Granted were: Westlea, Ellonby (extension);
M Sport re-Greystoke Forest (repairs and new roads for forestry work and rally
testing). An appeal has been made against the refusal of a new bungalow in

The next meeting of the council will be on Tuesday 12th July 2011 at Skelton
Memorial Hall. These meetings are open to all local residents.


11/03/11 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 08/03/11 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Liz Blake was in the chair at the bimonthly meeting of Skelton Parish Council. She
welcomed the councillors, clerk, EDC Savage and three members of the public. She
drew particular attention to the fact that this was EDC Gordon Savage's last
meeting: he is retiring and will not be standing as a district councillor in the May

In his report EDC Savage looked back over his 16 years in office - he said he had
always tried to follow some good advice -this was to be a ward councillor first, and
an Eden one, second. He said he had consistently tried to speak on behalf of local
residents. However with planning applications sometimes he was successful but
sometimes not - that was the way of the world. He listed his various jobs on
different committees and recalled and his very busy year as chairman. He spoke of
the feasibility of linking up with other authorities to share overall costs, the
appointment of the interim chairman, the New Squares scheme and the current need for
big financial cuts. With reference to Skelton he commended their work by describing
the Parish Council as 'with it'. He said he had enjoyed all aspects of the job but
that matters had got much more political recently. In thanking him Liz Blake said
he would be a hard act to follow - he was given an enthusiastic round of applause
and all good wishes.

Bob Towers reported that the write up of the Parish Plan was making good progress.
The latest draft has the first three parts in reasonable shape, leaving just the
last section to finalize. This involves the interpretation of the statistics and an
outline of the subsequent plans and actions to be taken. A summary of the results
will be going out to every household in May along with a specialist housing survey.

Some of the residents are planning to organize a 'street party' on the day of the
royal wedding and are requesting some financial help. After much discussion it was
agreed to send £250 to be spent as required but it was pointed out there might be
insufficient time for the notices to close the road. Other requests for grants
passed unanimously came from the Parish News (£400) and the Skelton Youth Club

One piece of bad news is the closing of the Tuesday bus service. This is a very
valuable and vital service for the few regulars who use it. Perhaps of help to some
may be the service Rural Wheels. This council has received some literature about
this amenity - how it works and who may use it. For more information see Rural wheels is a fee-paying service but one run
through the medium of financial credit on smart cards. These and a full explanation
are available from Cumbria County Council.

The good work on filling in potholes was noted, also the presence of others yet to
be attended to. The reflectors on the bridge near Netherscales are now in order.
There was discussion about the packhorse bridge at Ivegill and its foundations when
the river floods. The flooding on the road by Ivebank has not improved. It seems
that a small gully is needed to channel the water away from the road. It was decided
to order treated larch for the Braisegate playground area as this is more in keeping
with the area than recycled plastic.

Other subjects featured in general terms were anabolic digesters - it was thought
that these may have to be of some size to be viable and that the traffic having to
reach them is likely to be heavy. It was also noted that Andy Holliday is not our
special constabulary contact any longer but that the local phone number remains the
same, viz. 08453300247.

The following planning application has been received: Westlea, Ellonby (extension).
Granted are: The Granary, Skelton (alterations and extension); Middle Farm, Laithes
(roof for silage pit); site adjacent to Town End Farm, Skelton (new dwelling);
Babcock Communications, Skelton Transmitting Station (workshop and store). The
application for three residential dwellings adjacent to Town End Farm has been

The clerk reminded everyone about the procedures to stand as councillors in the May
election together with the need to complete a full Declaration of Interests: these
to be returned before 4th April.

Subject to the results of the May elections, the next meeting of the council is
planned for Tuesday 10th May at 7.30 pm, in the village hall. This meeting will
include annual meetings for both the parish as a whole and the council itself, as
well as an ordinary working session for the councillors.

13/01/11 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 11/01/11 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Liz Blake was in the chair at the January meeting of Skelton Parish Council. She opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the meeting and sending good wishes for the New Year. The main talking point of the evening was Cumbria County Council’s discussion document Have Your Say. It was decided that the Parish Council should reply as a body with a collective view but that individuals should also respond giving their own personal reactions.

Have Your Say outlines the extent of the financial savings that have to be made in the County and all the departments and projects that will be affected. It sets out the problem, the council’s goals and the options available – (requesting feedback on the prescribed form or on line). The size of the cuts are disturbing, they will affect us all in a number of ways. As a rural parish the council saw the country areas being hit particularly hard because of the need to travel and park to reach various facilities, this in the face of rural isolation. Following a wide discussion it was decided that the Parish Council’s reply should focus on a few priority areas. These were highways and the need for safety, recycling and the advantages of village sites for collection, children’s services, and the environment (including footpaths and places affected by quarrying) because tourism is such an important part of the local economy. The Clerk will respond accordingly, with a copy going to the local MP.

It was with regret that the council heard that P/C Andy Holliday was unable to attend the meeting and is unlikely to do so in the future, this due to reorganization of the Cumbria Constabulary.

Bob Towers gave an update report on the Parish Plan. The independent assessors got together with the local action team very recently. A first draft of the findings and how they are to be put into an action will be written shortly. How the ideas in this document will fit in with the latest plans and cuts of Westminster, and the County and District Councils has yet to be seen. This raises again the importance of the Big Society and the place of charities and volunteers within it.

The poor and deteriorating state of the roads surfaces was noted. Also the fact that the Netherscales Bridge is without its post reflectors – this with be chased up again. The gritting programme seems to be working and supplies replenished. If, or when, local supplies do run out, local residents are asked to contact a local councillor for emergency collections.

With reference to the Braisegate Playground, the use of recycled plastics or treated wood to replace certain posts and boards was discussed. This whole question will be looked into and costed ready for the next meeting with implementation in the spring.

Others agenda items included were: the election of a vice chair – Stacey Kane was appointed: and the approval of various small sums for expenses, one of which covered a conference on village halls and how to use modern methods to save on later energy bills.

Applications received for planning permission are in for: Town End Farm, Skelton (1 residential dwelling and outline for another 3 dwellings opposite the farm); the Granary, Skelton (alterations and extension); Skelton Transmitter Station, for Babcock communications (new workshop and stores). The following application have been granted: High Head Castle, Ivegill (repairs to listed building); Upfront Gallery, Unthank (new gallery); High Head Castle Farm, Ivegill (change of use – café to 2 holiday cottages); The Grange, Ivegill, (change of use for barn, this is retrospective). Withdrawn is New Rent Cottage, Hutton-in-the-Forest (change of use garage to office). There has also been correspondence about tree preservation orders.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 8th March at 7.30 pm in Skelton Village Hall. Looking ahead to the annual meeting, scheduled for May but after the elections, it was decided to include a presentation about implementing the Parish plan – further details will follow.

13/11/10 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 9/11/10 at Ivegill Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Skelton Parish Council held its bi-monthly meeting in Ivegill Village Hall. EDC Savage joined the councillors together with the clerk and two members of the public. This was the first get together since the resignation of David Ray in September: (he had been chairman for a number of years but has now moved out of the immediate vicinity). Thanks for his time and work were expressed by all present at both the start and finish of the meeting. These and best wishes are to be passed on by the Clerk. Liz Blake was elected unanimously to be chair of the council. The vacancies for a vice-chair and another councillor representing the Ivegill ward will be considered at the next meeting.

The minutes of the Budget Committee forecasting the income and expenditure for next year were accepted. The pattern will be similar to 2010/11 and the precept will remain at £10,000. It was noted that the refurbished signpost at Ivegill, with its four arms and circular disc at the top, which has been restored, is something to be proud of - it looks excellent. There was some discussion about the sturdiness of the paint against weathering, also about the future of other old and rusty posts in the parish.

In his report EDC Gordon Savage spoke of all the difficulties involved in the impending financial cuts within the District. A corporate plan for the next three years has been discussed, but where and how these savings are to be made has yet to be finalized and, of course, all changes involving a trimmed workforce are unpopular. The question of sharing facilities with others was brought up, as were the possible closure of some public toilets and tenders for management services. He also mentioned the community fund for small grants to the parishes and the ‘big society’. Other matters included taxi ranks, the updating of all types of licence, the National Census that happens next year and the resubmission of plans for the New Squares scheme. On a brighter note he said he had seen the new kissing gates in Ivegill: these are on the path from the Sculpture Valley to Ivegill. The initiative for replacing the elderly stiles came from the local footpath group, financed by a local grant. The gates were, he said, ‘very good’. The chair thanked him for his report.

Bob Towers gave an update about the Parish Plan and the success of the Pies, Peas and Priorities event. The report, from the evaluators who have analysed the survey, is on its way; this will outline a plan of action and, when adopted, will form the basis of an opportunity to undertake directed work with the help of some special grants in the Parish over the next few years. Meantime there is a list of all those interested to help and a short précis of the findings will go to every household. Liz Blake thanked him for all his efforts and report.

Planning applications have been granted for:- Ashcroft, Lamonby (polytunnel); Coldene, Skelton (shop to house); Croft House, Lamonby (agricultural land to garden); The Barn, Rushgill House, Skelton (time extension); Crown Point Farm (barn into two dwellings); Dufton Farm, Thomas Close (field to garden); Bowness Farm, Lamonby (house extension). They are refused for land adjacent to Gill Forge, Ellonby (a single story dwelling): Bownass Farm House, Lamonby (for dividing a property into two dwellings). Awaiting decisions are: High Head Castle Farm, Ivegill (division of a holiday let into two units): New Rent Cottage, Unthank (change of use from garage to an office): Greystone House, Skelton (amendment to prior application); The Grange, Ivegill (amendments to earlier plans).

Two playgrounds were discussed. The wooden surround enclosing the bark shavings at Braisegate is rotting – the feasibility of using recycled plastic beams or telegraph poles will be investigated. The correspondence about the Laithes playground was read – the council do not, and cannot, condone the tipping of rubbish of any kind. It was decided that the council should help by tidying up the area and then ask for the cooperation of all residents in this matter. The ownership of the ground will also be checked. The unsatisfactory state of the lowest step near the river is to be reported.

Highways problems included flooding on the Rigg Dyke and Ellonby- Skelton Roads; the Ivegil road after some gulley clearing, is now better but not cured. Another issue was the reflection posts near the bridge below Netherscales – there are many on one side but the bridge seems bereft and short of markers. Preparations for icy roads are underway – some grit has been delivered, the highways road gritting plan is to be the same as last year and another grit bin was requested at the cross roads at Lamonby. On another matter, the notice boards at Skelton seem to have been tidier recently but are to be monitored.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 11th January at 7.30 pm in Skelton Village Hall.

24/09/10 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 14/09/10 at Hutten End Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Skelton Parish Council held their September meeting at Hutton End Village Hall. The Chairman, David Ray, surprised everyone at the start – after a welcome, he announced that this was his final meeting as he had moved out of the immediate area. He has led the Council through a difficult five years and has been a member for much longer than that. When he originally accepted the office, he did so on the understanding that it was temporary but things later changed: the councillors knew he would be stepping down at the next election but the earlier date was unexpected. A new chair will be appointed at the November meeting. Also retiring is EDC Gordon Savage who has been the local District representative for many years. He suggested that the meeting should start to think about his successor. Martin Squires, a veterinary surgeon living in Skelton, was unanimously co-opted by the councillors to fill a parish vacancy.

The councillors were fortunate to have their three representatives present: namely CCC Bert Richardson, EDC Gordon Savage and P/C Andy Holliday. Also there were Jayne Potts (Cumbria Rural Housing Trust) and two members of the public.

In his report CCC Bert Richardson (Chairman of Cumbria County Council) said it was an honour and a privilege to represent the area of Cumbria and that he received few complaints directly from the electorate. He said there was a new Director of Children’s Services and what a complex and difficult job this was. He spoke of the success of the new system of dealing with complaints about the highways (this requires that things be fixed on the first visit). He spoke of balancing the books, the Big Society and of the need for people and individuals to take more responsibility themselves (though, of course, there would always have to be certain safety nets in place). Looking ahead he talked of a Countryside Partnership led by the private sector. He also said he was pleased to see the plans for Booths and Sainsbury's moving ahead. In reply to a question about mowing the roadsides, CCC Richardson said visibility and the protection of plant species were both taken into account in the policy. David Ray thanked him for his report.

EDC Gordon Savage said the District Council was busy with the 2011/14 budgets and priorities. He said details would be through in the New Year. Meantime there were no thoughts of raising local tax. The aim was to continue development of the area while making a number of savings and efficiencies. He spoke of a grant-giving fund to support small activities. He described the latest progress of the New Squares scheme saying he expected planning consent to be given soon (this to approve minor modifications). Work should start in early Spring with phase one due to be complete in April 2013. He said he would be attending the planning meeting on behalf of the Wilsons’ application for a new bungalow at Ellonby. The chairman thanked him for his report.

P/C Andy Holliday spoke of thefts of diesel and heating oil, lumps of soil/clay falling off open lorries (these can be prosecuted under insecure loads) and finally, farm gates being left open by trespassers (this may be treated as antisocial behaviour). The chair thanked him for his report.

Jayne Potts, Cumbria Rural Housing Trust, explained her work on housing surveys in general and of the one done round Appleby in particular: this was carried out to determine housing need and type. A discussion followed about what is affordable/social housing, the need to collect evidence and act upon it. She is keen to link up with the parish plan and is to attend the Skelton Pies, Pies and Priorities meeting on the 16th – this to discuss the results of the local survey and to work out future actions. The chair thanked her for her report and said he hoped for fruitful collaboration in the future.

Notice boards in Skelton are posing a problem. Discussion was about the type of notice allowed and how long each should remain in place. Martin Squires is to draft a notice (re rules) with a view to considering what is allowed and for how long. Also in Skelton Cllr Atkinson has replanted the tubs with hydrangeas – they look good and are a great improvement.

Other items on the agenda and aired were the audit (this is complete and open for inspection): water on the road south of Hutton End and the position of reflection post near the steam at Netherscales (the clerk will report on these to the necessary bodies): and a general question about main drainage at Laithes and United Utility’s plans.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th November 2010 at 7.30 pm in Ivegill Village Hall.

16/07/10 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 13/07/10 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

The reading room at Skelton Village Hall was full to overflowing for the bi-monthly meeting of Skelton Parish Council. Sixteen members of the public joined David Ray (chairman) and the other councillors. Also present were the clerk, EDC Gordon Savage and P/C Andy Holliday. The meeting had attracted a number of local residents from Ivegill and Ellonby who wished to make their views known about local planning issues. Also there were two committee members reporting back on the Local Action Plan. The chairman welcomed everyone, thanking them for coming and said it was good to see so many visitors.

The meeting covered the usual and some less familiar items but it was dominated by discussions on planning. The Parish Council is not the arbiter, or judge, of such matters; its function is to alert the members of the Planning Committee at Eden District Council of any local difficulties, conditions and circumstances.

The issue at Ivegill is in and about what is happening at the Grange. This is a housing development where some farm buildings and sheds were converted. Through the housing development and up the hill are some agricultural buildings, some of which are now used for stabling horses. The original permissions, both in number and position, do not tally with the original plans. There are complaints about pollution and smells; the volume of traffic coming passed the houses; general safety and the definition between livery and riding school functions/work. The houses were built with the knowledge that there were agricultural sheds in use through and past the houses and that permission had been granted to turn some of these into stables. The parish councillors were unable and loath to express views about the current and retrospective application: they felt they were working in the dark and needed to visit the site. This they will do before reporting back. Meantime EDC Savage is to request that the decision should be made by the members of the planning committee themselves (where the various parties concerned can explain their cases): he also asks that the planners should go and look at this estate and the problems caused by the sheds, the current use of the surrounding area and future plans.

The other major discussion was about the plans for a purpose built bungalow at Ellonby for a lady whose health is deteriorating – here the question is about the site of the proposed building. The plans show it outside the boundaries of this hamlet. The reasons for this were explained in terms of getting an available plot. Discussed were the possibilities of alternative sites and the access that is over common land. There are special circumstances here; these will be reflected in the report to Eden planners.

Other planning applications concerned 6, Phoenix Park, Skelton (a sunroom); High Head Castle Farm (to use part of the café for a holiday unit); Greystoke Forest (for the upgrade of some tracks and its use for M Sport); Bowness Farm, Lamonby (division into two houses and an extension to one of these). These four proposals raised few comments.

The Committee organizing the local community survey reported back to the Council. The 222 replies to the household survey have now been analysed and the focus of the work now moves toward turning this into an Action Plan for adoption and publication. There is to be a workshop about future plans and actions on Thursday 16th September in Skelton Village Hall. The evening is entitled ‘Pies, Peas and Priorities.’

EDC Savage’s report covered the New Squares scheme; this returns to planning soon – it is hoped some construction work can begin in the early autumn. On other matters he talked of serious financial cuts, the various workings of the Scrutiny Committees, and how best to get the necessary work done with various partnerships and fewer employees. He said Gordon Nicholson (chair of Eden District Council) would be starting to hold open weekly surgeries next month. EDC Savage went on to describe what it meant for him to stand as an Independent and said that after 16 years as the local district councillor, he would be retiring next year. The chairman thanked him for the report and all it entailed.

P/C Holliday reported some crime targeting local businesses – he said that scrap metal was again valuable and may well disappear from sheds. He asked that all scrap and machinery be kept safe and locked away at night.

Other highway matters covered the poor state of the road running through Ivegill; flooding on the Hutton End to Hutton-in-the-Forest road. Information about the ownership and maintenance of the packhorse bridge is still awaited (responsibility for its maintenance and upkeep is uncertain). At Laithes the letter to all residents to dissuade everyone from fly tipping and also the disappearance of the relevant signs has resulted in a request not to interfere – as an outcome, it is hoped a committee of locals can be formed to oversee this play area. Meantime for safety reasons a post has been repaired. The restoration of the signpost at Hutton End has been authorized. This is the beginning of a project to overhaul some other historic signs needing repair.
The rent of Lamonby Quarry has been agreed for 2010. Next year this piece of land is to be advertised more widely. The tubs beside the seat opposite the Memorial hall are to be filled and put in order.

On financial matters, Ivegill Church are to receive a grant of £2,500 from Cumbria Waste Management Environmental Trust and have asked that the Parish Council donate the 10% Third Party Contribution - this they agreed to do. Skelton Crafty Kids (the after school club) has sent the necessary invoices, so a cheque for £184 was approved. The expenses of analysing the survey (£735) were passed, as were the various expenses of the clerk.

Finally and most important, Liz Blake is to take over as vice chair of the Council. She was elected unanimously. She takes over from Colin Atkinson who is resigning because of heavy work commitments. David Ray thanked him for all his time and efforts over the years.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 14th September 2010 at 7.30 pm in Hutton End Village Hall.

18/05/10 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 11/05/10 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

David Ray was in the chair at the Parish Meeting, together with the Annual General and ordinary meetings of Skelton parish Council held on May 11, 2010. The first was for members of the general public to raise any matters they wished - this session was over quickly as no points were raised apart from the chairman’s concern about the extent and timing of grass verge cutting. This seems to be getting earlier and more wide spread meaning there is less opportunity for flowers and grass to reseed. At the Annual General Meeting the chairman was re-elected for a further year. (The appointments of the vice-chair, the members of the budget committee and the co-option of one further member are to be discussed at a future meeting.)

The chairman thanked all those contributing to the work of the Council and described the main events of the last year. Much of the ongoing work in the planning and highway areas is acting as a liaison between the District and local levels of government. This continues. Of interest was the withdrawal of the Lamonby wind turbine planning application and the public enquiry that followed about turbines at Grise Wood: a local councillor attended this hearing to speak about the concerns of those living in the area. Following some road accidents and incidences, the Council has had two successful campaigns concerning the Hutton to Carlisle Road: first, winter gritting is happening along its whole length and second, there are now chevrons and slow and bend signs on the road near Rigg House. Since these changes there have been no reported accidents. The accounts are audited and give details of the grants awarded during the year (villages halls have been the main recipients in the last 12 months) – of note is the fact that the precept has been unchanged for the last four years. Ongoing matters are the Community Plan, the restoration of old signposts and the website which could and should be used more widely.

At the ordinary meeting that followed matters discussed included the ownership and maintenance of the Packhorse Bridge at Ivegill, signposts, the grass cutting contact and what it involves, the correct time to cut grass verges, fly tipping at Beech Lonning and the sign at Laithes that was found in the river and, lastly, the money reserves at the bank.

Grants were made to the Ivegill footpath group and Ivegill Church. The first of these is about improvements to the Public Rights of Way (five kissing gates are planned to replace the styles): £250 is to be made available so as to qualify for further funds to be made available from elsewhere. At the church wheel chair access includes a ramp and handrail. £500 was awarded for these changes.

Planning applications were as follows: - Dufton Farm, Thomas Close (enlarging garden); Court Yard House, High Head Castle (exterior changes and boundary fence); The Granary, Skelton (extensions and alterations); Greystone House, Skelton (recreation room to holiday house); Wood Close Farm, Skelton (agricultural building); Leas Hill, Laithes (side extension). Granted are: - Greystone House (boundary fence) and Rigg House, Ivegill (change of roof).

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 13th July at 7.30 pm in Skelton Memorial Hall.

02/04/10 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 09/03/10 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Skelton Parish Council held its March meeting in the Memorial Hall with David Ray in the Chair. Two members of the public joined the councillors for the session.

Robert Towers, chair of the Community Plan Committee, gave an update on the survey that went to every household in the area. Many questionnaires have been returned but the group is still hopeful that a few more may arrive – this would make the sample more representative. He also spoke of plans to have a stand at the Skelton Show and a photographic competition. The finances of this whole exercise have yet to be confirmed.

Discussions continued about the restoration of signposts and the costs involved; the state of the roads and the absence of a reply from Highways to an earlier letter; the foundations of the packhorse bridge at Ivegill which appeared to be being undermined - its ownership and the responsibility for its upkeep; and the signs that had been erected at the Rigg House bend and the fact that the road markings have yet to be done.

Four tenders to be the Skelton green keeper and cut the grass in other areas of the parish have been received – two are being followed up to re-confirm the terms of the tender, these will be considered again at the next meeting. The farmer who had previously used the quarry land at Lamonby did not wish to rent this from the Council in the future. The land is therefore available for letting this summer. Skelton Crafty Kids have yet to provide detailed invoices for the settlement of their grant, hence no payment can be made at present. (Any invoices submitted will be considered again in the next financial year). Other recurring expenses were approved – these included the hiring of premises, clerical costs and domain maintenance.

Planning matters were as follows: - Chapelfield (the local occupancy rule is waived); Greystone House (the games room is to be a holiday cottage).

The next meeting will be the Annual Parish Meeting. This will take place at Skelton Village Hall on Tuesday 11th May. The guest speaker is Tony Brunskill.

15/01/10 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 12/01/10 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

The January meeting of Skelton Parish Council took place in the village hall earlier this month. EDC Gordon Savage, P/C Andy Holliday and two members of the public joined the councillors for the session that was chaired by David Ray.

The weather and the gritting of the roads and pavements were major and recurring topics at this meeting, together with the growing number and depth of the potholes on the roads. It was felt that the County Council had done a good job of keeping the main routes clear and that this should be publicly and gratefully acknowledged. However in this rural parish, there had been problems about the delivery of grit to the right places sufficiently often and how that grit was being used. It was reported that the grit earmarked and delivered for the local roads in and around the villages and hamlets was being shipped away and vanishing in trailers and wheelbarrows for use on private properties. The poor state of the country roads in general will have been noted but the appalling disintegration of the road beside and below Town End Farm, Skelton has to be emphasised. (In the context of road surfacing, it was questioned why the blind road in Lamonby, serving nine houses, had been attended to while others, subject to much greater use, were still waiting. No one at the meeting could answer this question.

Other Highway matters concerned the road signs just south of the Crown Inn crossroads – these are coming. There have also been floods on this road nearer to Hutton. Grass cutting, which includes various dispersed areas, is to go out to tender, this follows advice to ask for quotes on a regular three-yearly basis.

The councillors once again discussed the older signposts in the area and the enormous costs of restoration. It was decided to get refurbishment quotes on two of these and compare prices – the matter will be discussed again. Some tidying up of the playground has been done; the reseeding and new telegraph poles will happen a little later in the year. One of the Councillors attended and spoke at the inquiry into the Wind Farm application but the report has been delayed as the inspector has been off work. Jean Parker was re-elected to serve as a trustee for the Lamonby Educational Trust.

EDC Savage spoke about the roads, the budget and the New Squares scheme. On the last of these it seems that Lowther Manelli has to be declared bankrupt before anything can move – then it is for Sainsburys to proceed with the original plans (it has already sunk money in this scheme) or, if this does not happen for a return to the drawing board.

P/C Andy Holliday spoke of the state of the roads and the increased number of accidents that had occurred because of the snow and ice. He also reported the theft of quad bikes, damage to abandoned cars and the seemingly blind and stupid use of Satellite Navigation systems.

Robert Towers reported back on the progress of the Community Plan. The survey will be delivered to all households, including a covering letter, with the Parish Notes at the end of the month: it includes a separate form for Young People. The closing date for return - either in hard copy or on line - is the end of February. He also spoke of the costs of this exercise, grants and the analysis.

The following planning applications have been granted: Park View, Skelton (alterations); Castleside, Highhead Castle, Ivegill (alterations and conservatory); Upfront Gallery (gallery for puppet theatre and museum); 2, Ellonby Road, Skelton (conservatory); Linton Ghyll Cottage, Ivegill (two-storey extension). A further application to amend plans has been received for Bowness Farm concerning a single story extension. The council were not happy about this, which was received just before the Christmas holiday – they suggest it should be referred back to the planning committee. 3, Chapelfield, Skelton (application for the local occupancy condition to be removed).

Requests for grant monies have been received from the Parish Notes - £400 was awarded. The Skelton Crafty Kids Club ask for £379 but the Council require a break down of the figures before approval is considered.

Finally, the Chairman reminded Councillors of the rules of attendance at meetings and of disqualification should a third one running be missed without prior authority.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th March 2010 at 7.30 pm in Skelton Villlage Hall.

20/11/09 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 10/11/09 at Ivegill Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Skelton Parish Council held their November meeting earlier this month at Ivegill Village hall. David Ray was in the chair.

There were several requests for grants. Ivegill Church Council was asking for money to establish a memorial garden in part of the existing churchyard. The area is smallish and cannot be used for burials - £500 is to be made available for this to become a special quiet and peaceful spot. Second is the Community plan: this has come to a full stop because the Community Neighbourhood Forum, contrary to expectations, is unable to do the printing of the actual survey papers. The Council agreed to pick up this bill so the survey can go ahead, hopefully early next year. Third, the council agreed to send the three churches their annual grants – this to go toward the expenses of the churchyards. Lastly a £25 donation was sent to the Fellrunner Bus. Also to do with money was a annual discussion about the precept – this was set at £10,000
(which is the same as last year).

In his report P/C Holliday spoke of the theft of quad bikes, suspicious vehicles seen in the district, unidentified vans that could have been picking up scrap and the value of having lights on a timer in vacant houses. Speeding was also discussed as he reiterated the pledge of the rural policing team to look after and follow up reported incidents.

The Braisegate playground will be checked out, this following an official inspection, the grass will also be reseeded. A warning is to be put up not to climb on the goalpost. Use of the Lamonby quarry was queried; this is to be followed up. The nuisance and noise from car testing and racing, together with quarrying in Greystoke Forest was brought up. This plantation is not in the Skelton area, though the Council are sympathetic with those living nearby.

Planning matters were as follows: - Terry Jolley will be speaking on behalf of the Council at the Howes Wind Farm Inquiry. With reference to new planning applications, the clerk will be circulating the relevant numbers, so counsellors can get the necessary information off the EDC website direct.

Some signs and signposts seem to be causing problems: the ‘no tipping’ notice at Laithes has been removed; the sign post at the Ivegill crossroads needs repair, as does the one on the B5303 for Skelton Wood End. The state of the signposts in general in relation to the budget was discussed. Other matters for Highways concerned the bridge near Netherscales Farm and some potholes at Lamonby.

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 12th January 2010 at 7.30 pm in Skelton Village Hall.

11/09/09 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 08/09/09 at Hutton End Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Skelton Parish council held their bi-monthly meeting last week at Hutton End Village Hall. CCC Bert Richardson had some good news to bring to the council about safety on the Ivegill to Durdar Road, near Rigg House. There have been a number of accidents on this bend, especially in winter when there is frost on the ground. CCC Richardson has met with members of Highways and the Parish Council to try and improve the safety on this road. Two chevron and two ‘bend’ signs are to be put in place together with ‘slow’ notices painted on the road. In addition it has been agreed that in snowy weather, the gritters should treat the length of the road down to Hutton-in-the-Forest instead of finishing at the Crown crossroads, as had been the case previously. The council was very pleased to hear about these measures and will keep matters under review. CCC Richardson was thanked for his advice and help.
The council also discussed the latest accident at Crown Point on the B5305, where recently a driver ended up in the stream taking with him part of the bridge wall– this has yet to be made safe and put right. Once again a bend is involved, the councillors are to ask for similar, or other, measures to be taken at this location.

Skelton Nursery had applied for a grant to help pay for major improvements - a new climbing frame, shed and other outdoor equipment. A member of staff from this establishment explained the case saying that it would be providing enhanced facilities for the local community. A grant of £620, which starts the ball rolling for other grant giving bodies, was passed unanimously.

BT had written asking if the council would like to purchase the telephone boxes at Skelton, Thomas Close and Ellonby, for £1 each. These boxes are seldom used and no longer viable. Purchase involves looking after and maintaining them as empty buildings. The council decided to purchase and discuss their future at another meeting.

Others matters discussed were - the good job that the youth group had done at the Braisegate playground: a sign at Laithes playground to say ‘no tipping or rubbish’: the removal of the old bench at Laithes: the two tubs outside Swinburn Farm that have yet to be put in order: the water running onto the road near Ashcroft, Lamonby; an overgrown hedge at Lamonby Rigg and the training courses available for councillors. The Budget committee was appointed and a meeting arranged for October - lastly, the audit was complete and ready for public inspection.

Planning matters were as follows: granted - Christ Church, Ivegill (ramp and porch alterations): Town Head Farm, Unthank (poultry sheds): Lamonby Hall, Lamonby, (slurry store). Applications were as follows: Middle Farm, Laithes (enlarging slurry lagoon) this was discussed at length: Hawes Farm, Calthwaite (two story extension): Upfront Gallery, Unthank (puppet theatre): Ashcroft, Lamonby (agricultural shed) the need for this on a 4 acre holding was questioned: Castleside, High Head Castle, Ivegill (in and external alterations): 3 Inglewood Court, Hutton End (glass conservatory).

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th November at 7.30 pm in Ivegill Village Hall.

17/07/09 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 14/07/09 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Skelton Parish council held their July meeting at the village hall. CCC Bert Richardson and two members of the public joined the councillors. David Ray, chairing the meeting, opened it by welcoming Stacey Kane a new member from the Ivegill ward.

CCC Bert Richardson opened his report by saying it was good to come and exchange ideas. He spoke of the Rainbow County Council with no overall majority. The work, of course goes on for the area has to be administered, books done, etc. The cabinet is composed of 5 conservatives, 4 labour and one independent. He has been voted vice chairman and was congratulated by David Ray on behalf of everyone in the room. He spoke of three main matters: first waste disposal, and two new treatment plants outside Carlisle and Barrow, with two transfer stations at Flusco and another further west. He sees this as an excellent investment as much can be reprocessed and the quantity going into landfill will be much reduced. Second, he explained about the Northern Development route round Carlisle. Bar a few details and some technical points, this is near signing. Third was the credit crunch, which is really serious and will mean some hardship and unemployment in local and rural areas. A discussion on tourism and its revenues followed. The chairman thanked CCC Richardson for his interesting report.

A big ‘thank you’ was recorded to all the members of the Skelton Community Action Plan Committee for their hard work and progress. The next step is to finalize the questionnaire. Bob Towers reported that things were moving on and nearly a hundred people were interviewed at the Skelton show about their reactions and thoughts on the local district and how it might be improved. ‘Tapping into ideas’ was the theme. A request for funding was received from the Committee for their current expenses and future requirements. A discussion followed because the costs of any printing and analysis are, as yet, unquantified. It was decided that the council should underwrite these, for one grant has already been almost promised and others should follow, as things are being done under the guidance Action with Communities in Cumbria. The next step is to finalize the questionnaire, print it and then get it to each household in the parish during October. It is hoped something may be ready to publish before Christmas. A competition for school children to interview an older person to learn about how things were in Skelton a generation or so ago, will run until early September.

Another request for funding was received from Blencow and Laithes Village Hall. They plan to make a storage room at the back of the building. It was decided to support this work with a grant of £700 – this to go either into the building fund or to pay for the batons, insulation and new floor.

The Braisegate playground is to be painted and generally overhauled by the Skelton Youth Group. The idea for this comes from the group themselves. As there will be sufficient adults to supervise the various tasks, the council thought this an excellent idea. Wood chippings will be delivered to the site.

Highways – the following items were reported: the water on the road by Steelgate pond comes from down the road, not from the latter overflowing, which is what had been thought previously. (A volunteer group has now cleared the pond.) The accident black spot near Rigg House, Ivegill has had a speed monitor it place, now it is to get a site visit from the Chief Engineer of the highways dept. The road is particularly prone to accidents in the winter because of the wood, it becomes a slippery hazard when there is ice on the road. The camber is also rather suspect. (CCC Bert Richardson has requested that grit should be put of this road from the Crown to the Ivegill crossroads, as and when necessary). Alan Dickinson has volunteered to be the liaison contact for the Highways steward. Any problems should be reported straight to him (tel. 01768484527). The owner of the picnic bench at Laithes is being sought. It is in poor condition and, for the moment, has been moved out of the way. However, in the long run it should be either removed or mended.

Planning matters were as follows, applications: Ivegill Church (alterations to entrance and ramped path); Middle Farm, Laithes (earth banked slurry lagoon); Galley Wreay, Hutton End (refurbish and extend house); Town Head Farm, Skelton (poultry shed, phases 1&2). The following have been granted: Ivegill School (new door and playground update); Wood Close Farm, Skelton (agricultural storage shed); The Old Vicarage, Ivegill (gazebo, hot tub and sauna).

The painting of the notice board by a party from Ullswater Community College was noted, and the history of the visit explained.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 8th September at 7.30 pm in Hutton End village hall.


14/05/09 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 12/05/09 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

The Annual Parish Meeting and the AGM of Skelton Parish Council took place in Toppin Memorial Hall earlier this month with David Ray in the Chair. Also present with the councillors were, the clerk, Carl Glynn (development officer, Action for Communities in Cumbria), EDC Gordon Savage, P/C Andy Holliday and two members of the public.

Carl Glynn was there to give feedback about the Community Plan. He said the first public meeting held in March was well attended and successful. Things were going ahead under the direction of a separate and special committee, who could now map the way ahead with some financial support and the expectation of receiving grants at a later date. Both Eden District Council and the County Council are also there as backups. This project will have a presence at Skelton show in early July.

David Ray was unanimously re-elected as Chairman and Colin Atkinson as Vice Chairman. Stacey Kane was co-opted to the vacancy left by the retirement of Alistair Leslie. Reviewing the year David Ray spoke of six well attended meetings, of long discussions on the B5305, of the website, the grants awarded and of the new ruling to pay travel expenses for councillors to attend training sessions and meetings out with the Parish Council. He thanked the clerk and the councillors for their interest and work. He also noted that the Community Plan is run from elsewhere and thanked those concerned for getting things going. On the financial side, the precept had remained the same for three years; running costs and grants use the majority of the expenditure. The accounts were approved and the internal audit is complete.

One of the main talking points at the meeting was the safety of the road just south of the Crown Inn for there have been several accidents in the last few months - mostly single vehicle ones. This has been discussed before, but as Highways have taken no action and a further one-vehicle accident occurred recently, it was decided to report the dissatisfaction of the Council to a wider audience and ask P/C Holliday to use his channels of communication once again. The request is for some kind of warning sign/lights or rumble strips to forewarn drivers of the bend in this otherwise fairly straight piece of road.

A second major area of discussion was playgrounds. The Braisegate one is due an update – more bark/chippings are needed, more long telegraph poles/tree trunks and a general lick of paint all round. There has been trouble with drinking in this area, with empty bottles and with broken glass (there is a rubbish bin there): anyone seeing underage drinking or bad behaviour is asked to contact the police. The recreational area in Laithes had also been reported as having problems with its table and benches – the local councillor is to find out who is responsible for the maintenance of this garden furniture, which is on the playground area.

Dog fouling was again a topic. The press correspondent was asked to put a notice in the Parish Notes. The solution to this lies with the dog owners and/or the local residents themselves. There is a good backup service of a dog warden, bins for waste and liaison officers BUT it is up to the local residents to report the problem and identify the culprits.

In his report EDC Savage spoke about the reorganization of the District Council, this has been in operation for 12 months now. He said that it made much work for the executive post holders but seemed to be working satisfactorily. The audit was favourable and some staff had been moved ready to deal with extra applications for benefits. He is vice chair of Licensing and Performance Committees and is also concerned with the crime disorder reduction partnership. He spoke of his disappointment about the New Squares scheme saying that consultations were in progress, many happening behind closed doors. He also said that the football stadium was ready and the team had played their last match on the old ground. He told the council that the problems at Greeen Hollows were, once again, up before the planning committee very shortly.

P/C Holliday reported a theft of eggs from a local property; the fact that licensed premises had been targets recently together with poaching in certain areas. As regards nuisance behaviour in Skelton, he said the suspects and their parents had been approached with some plain talking – he hopes this will have been sufficient to put a stop to unsocial behaviour. He warned his audience about bogus callers and those offering to do pressure washing work. On the positive side, he reported that farm watch was working quite well.
Planning has been granted for – Browns Barn, Lamonby; Stone House, Skelton Wood End; Hardwick House, Ellonby; Aulby Farm, Laithes; Hutton House, Skelton; and Greystone House, Skelton. A question arose about amendments to plans in the absence of a second consultation i.e. when is a minor amendment minor?

Other subjects were the mended light in the lichgate at St Michael’s, Skelton, the need for the Steelgate pond to be cleared (a councillors was asked to be responsible for this), the clear up of the pitch at Ellonby (this old bonfire site which was often used as a dump) has been cleared and re-turfed – it looks good. Potholes, these continue to be problematic– they seem to be a general hazard on most local roads.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 14th July at Toppin Memorial Hall, Skelton at 7.30 pm. Future meetings will be at Hutton End and Ivegill.
Community Action Plan


13/03/09 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 10/03/2009 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

In the absence of David Ray, Colin Atkinson took the chair at the March meeting of Skelton Parish Council. Three members of the public joined the Councillors, together with the Clerk and P/C Andy Holliday.

The Community Action Plan Group of Rita Blake, Terry Jolley, Robert Towers and Roger Whittam, with the support and advice of Carl Glynn, Development Officer, from Action with Communities in Cumbria, have made great progress and a consultation evening for the public on 26th March has been organized. This is an important event for local residents in the district; it is an opportunity for each person to put forward ideas of what they would like to see happening in the neighbourhood in the next few years. It will be a very user-friendly evening, with post it notes, rather than speeches, being the order of the day. From this meeting it is planned to set up a committee representing the whole parish and all the many active groups operating within it. This committee will then be responsible for tapping local brains, sorting out ideas and priorities, then shaping these into a practical and workable plan for the future. (It is likely that grant-giving bodies will favour this type of planned and organized approach: it has already been done in a number of different parishes in Cumbria.) Funding for leaflets and other expenses to launch this first stage of the enterprise was discussed and passed. The web site will be kept up to date with details of this meeting.

In his report P/C Holliday spoke of recent thefts from farm workshops – power tools were the target; some anti-social behaviour, which was currently being addressed; speeding at Lamonby and potential accidents at Crown Point. He also will try and get further details about cars coming off the road into the wood just north of Ivegill. He warned that car owners caught driving without insurance, or with insurance that should have been updated to include modifications, are in danger of having their vehicles removed. He also spoke of motor scooters and their riders – some had been seen riding pillion, without helmets and/or lights - all of which are offences. A notice was requested giving a warning about this in the local Parish Notes.

Requests for funding were received from the Parish Notes (£400 was awarded) and Skelton Village Hall for outside lighting. Because of the steps, the latter is a Health and Safety issue, some floods are advised together with security lights toward the back of the building. £850 was passed to help pay for this work to be done.

Highway matters included discussion about the bad state of the B5305 and other local roads. However, the arrival of some white markings on a few roads looks hopeful. Some metal railings need attention at Laithes and there are some bad patches of moss in Coopers Garth.

Planning applications were as follows:- Hardrigg Hall, Ellonby (silage clamp); Auldby Farm, Laithes (silage clamp); Stone House, Skelton Wood End (extension). Two wind farm applications come before an inspector soon – these are at Grise and Berrier. The Lamonby one is deferred at present.

It was decided to pay travelling expenses for councillors going outside the area for one off journeys to conferences, inspections and training sessions, but prior notification must be given.

Colin Atkinson read out a letter from Alistair Leslie submitting his resignation, which was accepted, though with regret. This councillor has been a long and valued member of the Council.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 12th May at Skelton Village Hall. As it includes the AGM and a speaker, the evening will start at 7.00 o’clock


13/01/09 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 13/01/2009 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield


David Ray was in the chair at the January meeting of Skelton Parish Council. Also present were 12 councillors, EDC Savage, the clerk and four members of the public.

The Action Group working on the Parish Plan made good progress at their meeting. As it is to be a plan for the whole community and as groups within its boundaries will be involved – this project is to be called the Skelton Community Plan. Moves are now to be made to identify the active groups in the vicinity so as to pinpoint their areas of special interest and then plan a draft questionnaire. The Chairman congratulated the group on their progress and ideas on mapping the way ahead.

EDC Gordon Savage spoke about the New Squares scheme and its present problems caused by the Bank’s failure to support the scheme after it had started. Funds from the NWDA will be forthcoming to finish the new football ground with its buildings; this will release the necessary space for the car park and Sainsburys to start implementing their plans. He also spoke of the requirement to board up shops and buildings when they were empty and of vandals putting glass under the wheels of parked cars. The clerk is to contact Mark Mckay, the safety officer, about local vandalism and other minor matters. (For anyone wishing to report matters directly his office number is 01768212141). The other point of contact to report vandalism or related incidences is Andy Holliday*, the local policeman,. EDC Savage was also involved in a discussion about consultation periods planning applications and the fact that there was insufficient time allowed for this over the Christmas break. He said that Skelton was now a development area, which meant that future applications were more likely to be successful.

Planning applications have been received for Brown’s Farm, Lamonby and Greystone House, Skelton. Granted are those for Chapelfield, Skelton and the Saw Mill at Unthank. There are still problems at Green Hollows; full status for the lifetime of residents was offered but refused by them. This dispute is actually not to do with this Council. While it is sympathetic and concerned for the welfare of the residents involved, the solution lies with other parties.

Highways matters concerned the black spot area near the woods just south of the Crown Inn on the back road from Hutton-in-the-Forest. Several accidents have occurred there with the Emergency services involved due to the bend in the road, a frost pocket associated with the wood and black ice: information is also to be sort on some less serious ones that were left unreported. The only road sign here is a about deer – perhaps a warning sign about a bend, or ice, or both would be helpful. The deteriorating surfaces on this road further south were also reported. More red squirrel signs were also requested. A presentation about the conservation of this species will be given at Ivegill Village Hall on Tuesday, 27th of this month. Grit bins were requested outside the Dog and Gun and at Unthank.

Details were given about the request for funding to finish a refurbishment at Ivegill Village Hall. This is to do with a small consulting room just inside the main door – a grant of £600 was passed to furnish this.

Other matters discussed were the lychgate light (this is to be replaced): the payment of expenses for councillors travelling outside the area to attend meetings and training courses (this will be discussed again).

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th March 09 at 7.30 pm in Skelton Memorial Hall.

*Contact Numbers for P/C Andy Holliday
Tel: 0845 33 00 247
Mobile: 07967572 171

11/11/08 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 11/11/2008 at Hutton End Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Six members of the public joined the Parish Councillors at the November meeting of the Council that took place at Hutton End Village Hall; David Ray was in the chair.

Robert Towers, who lives at Unthank, gave a report on the B5305 and efforts that have been made to get some traffic calming measures imposed. It was learnt that this road in now on a list (along with a number of others) for consideration by the appropriate authority with reference to traffic calming measures,. The clerk, with the backing of the local residents and the Parish Council is to write confirming this and setting out the arguments for having limits on a section of this road. The state of the minor roads was also discussed – the floods and mud have been recurring problems. Farmers have to get onto the fields to do the necessary work but it is their responsibility to clear up their own mess – it was suggested that some notices about mud on the road might be useful at certain times. Floods have been particularly bad on the roads between Ellonby and Skelton and between Hutton-in-the-Forest and Hutton End. Shrubs on the Lamonby road have yet to be trimmed back. Slippery patches of moss were also reported on the Skelton pavements at Coopers Garth and on the corner outside 3 Swinburn Cottage.

The Budget Committee suggested a precept of £10,000. Following a discussion of various uncertainties, this was accepted: it is the same as last year. Grants of £340 and £170 were approved for the churchyards at Hutton, Skelton and Ivegill. A grant of £25 was made to the fellrunner bus that runs a scheduled service through Laithes on Fridays. Ivegill Village Hall had submitted a request for further funding, this time for the refurbishment of a meeting room. Further details are to be requested. £20 was awarded to the recent Flower Festival at Skelton Church in acknowledgement of the decorations that had been given to dress up the lychgate.

The working party on the Parish Plan met in September. A further meeting is booked for December when the facilitator of the Caldbeck plan will talk about how his was launched and organized, also commitment in terms of both time and costs.

The replacement of any one of the old-fashioned Fingerpost Signposts will be very expensive and beyond the means of this council unless some outside funding is found. It is understood that the Heritage Lottery Fund might be interested – this will be explored. The notice board at Thomas Close is to be checked for condition and possible renewal. The Conservation Volunteers are to clear Steelgate Pond once again – it has got very overgrown.

Planning applications have been received for Rushgill House, Skelton Wood End; Honey Suckle Cottage, Thomas Close; a residential Caravan at Braithwaithe Mill; there is also an amended request for Chapelfield. The Council has no objections to any of these requests.

The Model Publication Scheme was adopted. This means that members of the public have access to official papers including the Parish ones. Pricing such requests is difficult because of the time involved – after consideration it was decided that the first five pages of any document would be £1 per sheet, followed by 20p for each thereafter, this to be reviewed as necessary.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th January 2009 in Skelton Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

11/09/08 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 09/09/2008 at Ivegill Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

David Ray presided at the Skelton Parish Council meeting held at Ivegill Village Hall earlier this month.  Also there were the clerk, EDC Gordon Savage, P/C Andy Holliday and one member of the public.

 P/C Andy Holliday said the summer had been relatively quiet and that perhaps the weather was partially responsible.  He spoke of some broken windows, then went on to talk about the value of scrap (beware of unidentified trucks and vans); phone scams e.g. calls out of the blue, sounding very plausible, perhaps selling books; other calls, mostly from abroad, telling the responder that he/she has won a lottery or prize (do not believe it); and solicitors from abroad asking for money to claim legacies from unknown relations of the same name.  The chairman thanked P/C Holliday for his guidance and advice. 

EDC Savage spoke about the new system for Councillors at the District Council and of his part in it.  He is on the monitoring panel; this assesses the quality of the data coming through, checking targets and the efficiency of management.  The Performance Panel meets quarterly and holds the executive to account: if targets are not reached, or are unsatisfactory, this has to be explained.  The Eden Corporate Plan is agreed for three years ahead; this sets clear directions and priorities.  He spoke about the progress of the New Squares scheme saying that the new football pitch it going to plan and will be ready in November.  With a little patience, the parking problems will also be sorted out.  The chairman thanked him for bringing the meeting up to date.

 A request for funding was received from Hutton End Village Hall.  The refurbished kitchen needs reflooring.  The Council decided on a grant of £800.  

Highways problems should be reported to the Highways Officer either directly to the Hot Line, to the clerk or to one of the local representatives – these are Terry Jolley (Ivegill area) William Pearson (Laithes) Roger Whitttam (Lamonby) and Colin Atkinson (Skelton).

Planning applications were as follows. Granted were: Honeysuckle Cottage, Thomas Close (sunroom); the Old Barn, Skelton (picture framing business); the Inch, Lamonby (double garage).  The following applications are received: Roehill, Highbridge, (barn conversion to dwelling) and Glenhush, Skelton (amendment to the 2003 application).  Withdrawn for further inspection are variations to conditions at Greenhollows Caravan Site.

A discussion took place about meetings out with the Parish that Councillors should know about, and perhaps attend, to keep themselves and this Council up-to-date.  The trouble is that very often these take place during the day and that there are too many of them for any one person to attend.  It was suggested that Councillors should have special fields of interest and try to attend anything that came within their own special area.  This will be discussed again. The audit was all in order and passed.  Arrangements were made for the six members of the Budget Committee to meet.

 Other matters were as follows - the council will liaise with individuals to decorate the lychgate for the Flower Festival on the 4/5 October, a small grant to cover expenses was agreed.  The footpath near Greystone House, Skelton is to be altered under a new initiative about walking to school.

A Community Plan has yet to be discussed by a working party; it needs vision to get beyond the stage of working out what it is trying to do, who should do it to and how to translate future plans into action.   

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 11th November 2008 at 7.30 pm in Hutton End Village Hall.


12/07/08 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 08/07/2008 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Skelton Parish Council held their July meeting at the Village Hall earlier this month. Cumbria County Councillor Bert Richardson, Eden District Councillor Gordon Savage and Mark Mckay (Safety Officer) joined the parish councillors and three members of the public for the evening. David Ray was in the chair.

Mark Mckay had come to introduce himself and explain his new role. The term ‘Safety Officer’ does not seems to quite match the job that he has been appointed to do for the District Council. He has come to help the Parish Councils solve some of their problems. Safety, in this context, covers a number of areas from crime and disorder to fires - he is also interested in all the kinds of problems that tend to come with young people and teenagers, with transport, or its absence, and anything where he can act as an intermediary between the councillors and the various officers/agencies concerned. There has been a change in the police emphasis in some matters and Mark Mckay would like to hear about difficulties as they arise but he can only help if things/incidences are reported to his office (01768212141). He will be working closely and as an intermediary with many services. (A fairly immediate concern is about the restoration of open fireplaces using chimneys that have not been in service for some time; some decorative surrounds are unsuitable for direct heat, while other multi-fuel stoves may need a stainless steel flu fitted from top to bottom.) The chairman thanked Mark Mckay for coming and for his helpful information.

In his report EDC Savage spoke about the new system of committees and the four scrutiny panels that operate in the District Council. The new organization is all geared to give the councillors a greater say in decisions and, hopefully, to get them through rather quicker. He asked for topics for review saying that they should be sent to the Town Hall direct. He also said the South End development was well under way. On the topic of small scale building/development in Skelton there is some good news. It is likely that some small-scale work will be allowed soon and Skelton will cease to be a ‘no growth’ village.

CCC Richardson applauded three of his senior officers who would be retiring soon – the Treasurer, the Head of Legal Services and the officer in charge of setting up the Recycling scheme – had all done splendid work and would be sadly missed. He then reviewed the work of the Highways saying that the cut back in finance from central funds had hit this department’s work very hard and that poor maintenance and lack of drainage was all too evident on many of the roads in the area. Because of the poor state of maintenance recently, extra funding has been released to this department and some necessary patching is being carried out. He said that local stewards are to be appointed to keep a watch on nearby areas: it was hoped that this new system would help with the transmission of information (so that amongst other things, any drains or gutters not working properly could be cleared quickly Other matters were: the restructuring of Penrith Hospital - a bid for finance had been submitted, and grass cutting on the bank beside High Garth Meadows, Ivegill – this is an steep awkward spot - CCC Richardson will look into this to see who is responsible.

Councillors had three major topics to discuss, these concerned signposts, dogs and a Community Plan. With reference to the latter and after much deliberation, it was decided to follow advice and plan for one: all councillors are to be asked to attend a workshop with VAC about consultation with the community, how to go about the task and the availability of grants. This will be a long, slow process demanding commitment in both time and effort, this from local people as well as the councillors.

A survey of older signposts in the parish is now done and the restoration costs of one or two received – this is to be on the agenda at the next meeting. In a slightly different context, advice was asked about the legality of erecting signs beside the road for special events. Are these litter and to be cleared up as rubbish or are they legal? CCC Richardson is to discuss this with the legal department and get an official policy for all to understand and follow.

Roaming dogs and their dirt was again discussed at length. It is very disappointing, especially for those who do clear up after their dogs, that the village is still far from clean. (Despite the nice plants in various tubs and pots round the village, it has been decided that Skelton will not be entering the Cumbria in Bloom competition this year because of this nuisance.) The dog warden is to be involved again. More notices will be put up in Braisegate when new ones become available.

Planning applications have been received about the following: - clay extraction at Thackwood (a site visit has been made, conditions about subsequent landscaping are to be imposed): Stonehouse, Skelton Wood End (barn conversion): Old Barn, Skelton, (change of use of existing barn to mixed usage): Rushgill, Skelton Wood End, (rear lobby and internal changes): Honey Suckle Cottage, Thomas Close (extension and sun room). The applications for Roe Hill, Highbridge, Dalston have been withdrawn.

Other items on the agenda or raised were the pond at Steelgate,(conservation volunteers are to be asked to do maintenance work on this). The council has received notification from BT that the phone boxes at Ellonby, Hutton End Lamonby and Thomas Close are to be closed, this is unfortunate but inevitable as they are used so infrequently.

The next Meeting will be at Ivegill Village Hall on Tuesday 9th September 2008 at 7.30 pm.



10/06/08 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 13/05/2008 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Skelton Parish Council held its Annual Meetings at the village hall earlier this month. Also at the meeting were two speakers from Voluntary Action Cumbria, EDC Gordon Savage, PlC Andy Holliday, four members of the public and the Clerk.

The council stood for a minute in silence to remember the lives and work of two former councillors - Edwin Irving and Tom Parker. Both were well known farmers, both served the council with distinction for many years, were willing volunteers and active in many ways in the general welfare of the parish. They will be remembered with gratitude and affection in the community. Later, EDC Savage reiterated this and added his personal thanks to Edwin Irving and Tom Parker.

David Ray, chairman, thanked everyone for attending and welcomed the two speakers who had been asked to talk about Community Plans - their purpose, worth, finance and how to set about preparing and doing one for the local area. Lorraine Rockmister gave the presentation and passed round some relevant literature and examples. Later Julia Wilson took a full part in answering a number of questions that arose from the talk and how the Skelton web site might help in the collection and distribution of relevant information. The chairman thanked them for their help and explanations: Community Plans will be an item on the agenda for the next meeting.

The Chair and Vice-chair of the Council and Chair of the Budget Committee were all re-elected: these are David Ray and Colin Atkinson respectively, with the later also responsible for the budget.

The subject of safety on the Wigton Road (B5305) was raised yet again, this time by a member of the public. Although there are bends, dips, many entrances to farms and dwellings and the number of accidents/incidents (including fatalities) is above average for a road of this type, it seems that the road does not meet the necessary criteria. It is neither a village nor are there many pedestrians (fortunately for there are no paths and the traffic is fast moving). The trouble is that on the straight parts of the road, the HGVs, who should be travelling at 40 mph, are going at speeds way beyond this figure - many cyclists and car drivers are guilty of high speeds too. This council is pressing to have the problem acknowledged and something done - it will keep trying.

In his review of the year, the chairman said the accounts are all in order, the internal audit is done and they ready for inspection. There was little change in the yearly costs of administration, grants to the halls were higher than previously but this had been budgeted for - reserves were more than adequate.

He noted that four Councillors had been co-opted over the year and that some problems/tasks remained outstanding namely the state of the signposts and speed on the Wigton Road. On the plus side were the new web site and the grants that had been awarded. He thanked the councillors and the clerk for their advice and work over the last 12 months.

In his report EDC Savage spoke about Taking Eden Forward a report about the future organization of the District Council. The new system comes into force in June, when business will be organized round the six cabinet members with portfolios. He said the Southend project was now tied up legally and it was the people of Penrith that had turned down the proposal for a town Council. Later the question was asked as to why the Penrith businesses had not been contacted with reference to this consultation. The chairman thanked the EDC Savage for his talk.

PlC Andy Holliday spoke about thefts from farms of diesel, quad bikes, machinery and scrap metals. He asked for anything suspicious to be reported and recommended linking up with farm watch and using smart water as a marking fluid. He went on to talk about youth disorder and how best to tackle this problem. It can be difficult especially when parents appear disinterested about their teenagers behaviour and the damage caused. He would like people to contact him when incidents are witnessed - evidence is needed for purposes of identification. For the benefit of the community as a whole, it is hoped the school grounds can remain open outside of school hours but this can only happen if the area is properly used and respected. Some questions followed and PlC Holliday was thanked for his advice and updates.

Others matters discussed were the promised dog fouling signs that have yet to arrive, the play area at Laithes which has been used as a dumping place for tree Clippings (not allowed), the Wildlife Trust that is planning surveys of the local churchyards (to be referred to the church wardens) the road surface in Pennine View and a street light near these properties.

Planning applications for the following properties have been granted: The Green, Skelton (garden extension): Bownass Farm, Lamonby (extension): Tor House, Skelton (detached garage and workshop): West View, Ivegill (extension). These have been received: Yew Tree House, Skelton (listed building seeking to extend into the barn): Stone House, Skelton Wood End (porch and internal reorganization):

Rushgill House, Skelton Wood End, (listed building seeking to extend).

The meetings of the council will continue to circulate round the three halls in the parish. The next meeting of the Council will be on Tuesday 8th July at 7.30 pm in the Toppin Memorial Hall, Skelton.


17/03/08 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 11/03/2008 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

David Ray was in the chair at the March meeting of Skelton Parish Council. The councillors were joined by the clerk, four members of the public and EDC Gordon Savage.

It was good to hear that, thanks to the skills of one of the councillors, the parish now has its own website at; it is also possible to reach this using the Google function. (Just be careful that you get the right Skelton, not the one in Yorkshire.)

The next meeting in May includes the annual review – it was decided to ask a speaker from Voluntary Action Cumbria to come to this and address the meeting. The council needs some help with the idea of doing a Parish or Community Plan; this to help councillors with future projects.

EDC Gordon Savage’s report covered the working of the District Council, the budget and the need to find £300,000 worth of savings, the bye election in Morland, the Report Living Well Beyond Retirement (to be published later), the appeal against the refusal of turbines at Hoff and enforcement notices at Green Hollows. (Residents in holiday accommodation have been offered tenancy rights for their life times only; caravans would then revert once again to holiday accommodation.) The Chairman thanked EDC Savage for his contribution. The District Councillor is also challenging the apparent embargo on the building of new houses in the parish. Skelton has a full range of facilities, except a regular bus or train service, and is afraid it will lose some of its amenities if it is unable to build any new houses at all for a number of years.

The curbing has been done at Lamonby, the notice board outside the school has been mended at Skelton and a new one erected at Thomas Close. There seems to be precious little improvement about the dog dirt in the village; the meeting was reminded that reports could lead to prosecution: it is thought that most dog owners are good citizens but that a few have little or no, intension of clearing up after their pets and that these residents need challenging in some way. More ‘No Fouling’ notices are to be put up. Others matters featured were signposts and grit bins, both of which with be discussed again in the future.
Highway matters included; the Pennine View road surface which has still not been attended to; a temporary speed limit at Hutton-in-the-Forest accompanying road closures nearby, these for two weeks from 17th March; encroaching dykes at the top of Lamonby; the Beaconside dip where bridge repairs has been started but left incomplete with stones about; a missing ‘one in seven’ hill sign at Ivegill and some potholes near Crown Farm and the Sculpture Valley

Planning applications have been received about: a garden extension onto agriculture land (The Green, Skelton); a living room extension (Bownass Barn, Lamonby); a detached garage and workshop (Tor House, Skelton); and an appeal to the secretary of State has been lodged about a detached house at 4, Chapelfield.

The common land at the former Lamonby School is now registered with the Parish Council having the beneficial title. One of the councillors is to find out what, if any, rights exist for the commoners.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 13th May at 7.00pm in Skelton Village Hall.


08/02/08 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 08/01/2008 at Skelton Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Colin Atkinson presided at the January meeting of Skelton Parish Council held in Toppin Memorial Hall.  Five members of the public, EDC Gordon Savage and PC Andy Holliday joined the councillors and the clerk.  The three major topics involving long and detailed discussion were speed on the Wigton Road and how to control it, dog dirt in the village of Skelton and the precept and the budget. 

A recent survey of the type and speed of vehicles on the B5305 found the average speed to be 49mph - this on a road that has a number of house and farm entrances on it, several blind dips, corners and occasionally animals on their way from one pasture to another.  An average speed of 49 mph implies many faster cars, bicycles and wagons - indeed speeds of 68mph and 78 were recorded with motorcycles going even faster. PC Andy Holliday is to ask the camera van if it has any statistics for this stretch of road between Crown Point to the far side of the Unthank Z-bend.  This is all in an effort to get some kind of limits introduced on a road where speeding is frequent and a number of accidents -  some serious - have occurred.  Highways is to be contacted again quoting Rosley, further west on the same road, as an example of a successful speed restricted area. 

The subject of dog dirt was raised once again, this time by a member of the public.  It seems that the majority of dog owners behave responsibly clearing up after their dogs.  However, there are a few who do not pick up dirt and others who allow their dogs to roam unsupervised.  It was agreed to try to arrange for dirt bags to be made available at the shop, to request another bin at the Braisgate end of the village and to raise publicity about this problem and the responsibility of ownership. 

The finances of the Council were reviewed together with future costs, commitments and possible requests for grants. Following a detailed discussion it was decided to keep the precept at £10,000, which is the same as last year.  

EDC Savages report covered playground money (that was already spoken for), a review of Services for the Elderly, the worry that some Green Hollows residents have about having the correct type of planning permission for their caravans, EDC budgets, a review of polling districts and the relatively old turbine that has fallen at Hesket New Market. 
PC Andy Holliday spoke of police procedures, parental visits and cautions for juveniles, speeding, marking agricultural equipment, damage to property, keeping an eye on the Braisgate playgound and two local burglaries. He asked that all incidences of vandalism be reported to him. 

Planning applications received are as follows:-Rushgill House, Skelton Wood End (bothy conversion); Green Hollows (permission to re-site caravans); Tor house, Skelton ( garage in garden); Middle Farm, Laithes (agricultural building).  The sun rooms / conservatory at both Beaconside, Ivegill and at Low Dyke, Calthwaite have been granted. The application for a barn conversion at Yew Tree House, Skelton is now withdrawn. 

Other issues arising included the website, streetlights not working, the Berrier Turbine application (which has yet to be received), grit bins and salt, river erosion near a road at Ivegill, flooding on Red lane End and registering land at Lamonby. 

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 11th march in Skelton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

16/11/07 Report on Skelton Parish Council Meeting held on 13/11/2007 at Ivegill Village Hall by Jean Bloomfield

Five members of the public joined the councillors and clerk of Skelton Parish Council at their Autumn Meeting. It was held at Ivegill Village Hall. Also taking part was CCC Bert Richardson.

The public, who all lived near the Wigton Road (B5305), were there to highlight the need to have some kind of speed restriction on this road. This has been discussed before and problems reported to highways and the police. Recently there has been a fatality at Hutton and two crashes further up the road near Crown Point and its dip. CCC Bert Richardson is to check if this matter is on the agenda of the Highways Authority while others are to look at a crash group website and report back in January.

There were five particular topics discussed at the meeting. Each of these took time to talk through – these subjects were:- grants to the three churchyards in the parish, flooding at Skelton lych-gate, the up-and-coming website, retaining the old cast iron signposts and the safety of the school buildings (together with some graffiti at the millennium playground).

The churchyard grants were increased by about 30% this year with the intention that this rise should last two years - £340 will go to both Hutton and Skelton, and £170 to Ivegill.

Secondly, there was flooding in Skelton Church in the summer when the heavens opened, a river rushed down the hill toward the lych-gate, the drains near here could not cope and the water poured down the path into the church. The council is to meet Highways and ask for the road water to be diverted by some means toward and down the lane.

Next, Skelton’s website is up and running - at the moment it can be found amongst the Skelton Show show pages. It is in its early stages but growing. William Pearson has set this up on behalf of the Council.

Signposts of the older, cast iron type are popular and the Council have discussed saving and restoring them on several occasions. Now a survey is to be done by a specialist of all the older posts in the parish. The Heritage Lottery Fund is interested in this type of work, so it is hoped that some restoration can be organized before too long. Distinctive signposts can give an area a certain sense of identity.

Lastly, children have been reported on the school roof. It is difficult to know how to tackle this one. It was decided to write to the headmaster and seek news about any further episodes. Graffiti has also appeared in the Braisgate playground – camping, fires and graffiti are not permitted in this area and the police will be keeping an eye on this problem.

Planning applications have been received about - the Barn, Rushgill, Skelton, (conversion of small barn to holiday accommodation) and Green Hollows to change the conditions of various caravan sites. Granted are Belmont Farm, Ivegill (holiday lets): Pennine View, Lamonby (change of use, barn to living accommodation): Old Sawmill, units 1 & 2, Unthank End, Skelton (change of use to office accommodation).

CCC Bert Richardson’s report centred on the plans of the local Primary Care Trust and the reorganization of the hospitals, so that the local/cottage hospitals are to stay open but have fewer beds.. The consultation documents about these plans are out and meetings are taking place over the district. These meeting are important and are being advertised in the Herald. He spoke about the success of the recycling initiative in the area saying that it was a ‘good news story’ and had meant that heavy fines had been avoided. His finished by talking about the tight budget and the stiff requirements coming from Central Government. There is little leeway for choices he said. In response to a query he agreed to check the county’s document about policy on planning for wind turbines. This has proved difficult to obtain with short response deadline times.

Highway matters concerned a twisted signpost at Ivegill and a request to keep the new curb edges at Hutton and along the B5305 back and clean; work on some curbing on the west side of the road in Lamonby is to start soon.

Other matters covered were: a grant of £300 to the Parish Notes; a request to the Fellrunner for more information and a small change to the code of conduct at meetings - this allows the public and council members with an interest in an agenda item, to speak at the invitation of the chairman.

The next meeting will be at Skelton Memorial Hall on Tuesday 8th January 08 at 7.30 pm.


Minutes of Skelton Parish Council meeting held at Hutton End Village Hall on 11/09/2007


Mr W. Armstrong, Mr A. Dickinson, Mr A. Leslie, Mr B. Parker, Mr D. Ray. (Chair), Ms J. Naylor (Clerk), Mrs. E. Blake, Mr. S. Grierson, Mr. A Mckillop, Mr J. Parkinson, Mr. R. Whittam, Mr.T Jolley, Mr. I. Mounsey, Miss J. Wright. 3 members of the public.

The public were invited to contribute:
Mr William Donald spoke heatedly about the Parish Council's handling of the issue of gates at the lane end at Lamonby Quarry.  In particular he took issue with the representations made by Cllr. Parker to the County Council.  It was not clear what the issue was and it was suggested that he put the complaints in writing so that  the Council understood exactly what the complaint was. He complained that the Clerk was not prepared for the meetings as she had not brought a copy of his letter to the previous meeting.  He wanted a copy of the letter the Council had sent to the Inspectorate.  Cllr. Parker took issue at the manner and nature of the complains made against him and requested that the council take steps to protect him from such aggression at future meetings.  The Clerk suggested to Mr. Donald that in future he contacted the Council by either by way of letter or by way of a telephone call to her prior to the meetings rather than him address the meetings as he did.  Any matters could then be put on the agenda.

07/037  Apologies - Resolved: apologies received from Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Grierson.

07/038 Minutes - Resolved: the minutes from the previous meeting held on10/07/2007 were signed as a true record of the meeting except 07/033 where a slight alteration was made to this minute regarding punctuation. 

07/039 Matters Arising. Mr. Armstrong wanted clarification on the code of conduct being adopted and an explanation as to why he had had to complete so many copies of the declaration of interests.
Resolved: The position was explained as to the adoption of the new code of conduct and the need for a new declaration of interests. 

07/040 Declaration of Interest - Resolved: Cllr Dickinson was a member of Hutton End Village Hall Committee who had approached the Council for a contribution towards the cost of chairs and tables for the hall. 

07/041 Reports. Resolved:  There were no reports as there were no representatives of the Police, County Council or District Council.

07/042 Highways. Resolved:

  • a)  Ivegill sign still needed at the Hutton-in-the-Forest wall.
  • b) The welcome to Skelton sign had been erected and the to Council had been thanked by a Parishioner.
  • c) There had been a fatality on the road at Hutton-in-the-Forest near the show ground. Clerk to contact the police or highways to see if this may persuade them to erect a speed indicator sign.
  • d) Clerk to chase up a request for a speed indicator at Lamonby.
  • e) Ivegill school hedge needs trimming, clerk to report.

07/043 Planning. Resolved: The current applications and recent decisions were reported to the Council.  There were no particular comments regarding any of them.

07/044 Correspondence. Resolved:
1556 - Correspondence items discussed including funding for Parish Plans and other funding.  
1574 - Invitation to wind turbine meetings had been circulated.
1571- UCC requests for projects discussed.

07/045 Account to Pay. Resolved: To pay the following expenses:- Clerk's expenses - £37.58; Hire of hall - Hutton End - £12.00.

07/046 Requests for Funding. Resolved: a donation to given to Hutton End Village Hall Committee towards the replacement of tables and chairs.  A donation of £600 was thought appropriate given a recent donation to Skelton Village Hall Committee.  If the committee provide the Council with an invoice they could benefit by the Council reclaiming the VAT. 

07/047 Audit Report. The Audit Commission has insisted on a risk assessment being conducted over financial matters.  The Council however considered that the risks had been addressed over previous years and the measures taken minimised risks. 
Resolved: The Clerk should ask the Audit Commission for a specimen risk assessment and that A. Mckillop and D. Ray and Clerk form a sub committee to discuss the options.

07/048  Renovation of the signposts. No progress had been made on the renovations because we had not had the survey report as to how many signs were involved.
Resolved: Cllr Parkinson was to ask the renovator to survey Skelton Parish and let us know how many signs needed renovating.  If free then he should proceed to survey and quote.  If there was a charge for the survey then dependant on the costs, the Council may need to re-consider. 

07/049 Date of Next Meeting. Resolved: that the date of the next Parish Council Meeting will be 13/11/2007 at Ivegill Village hall. 

Any other business. The council needed to change its standing orders to allow members of the public to address the meetings in order to comply with the new Code of Conduct that had been adopted. 
Resolved: A sub committee would meet to discuss exactly the working of the order.  Cllrs. volunteering to join the sub committee were:- Cllrs. Parker, Whittam, Dickinson, Atkinson, and Parkinson. 

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