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Litter Picking

Litter Picking - The Big Tidy Up

During 2009 we became a supporter of The Big Tidy Up, England's biggest ever litter picking campaign organised by Keep Britain Tidy. Since the campaign was launched in 2008, over 15,000 groups of volunteers have rolled up their sleeves to help clean up their community, collecting more than 62,000 sacks of litter. Anyone can join in the campaign - parish or village, school, community group, youth group, individuals, and businesses.

To organise your own Big Tidy Up event, simply visit and register your details online. You will then be sent a free tidy up kit including tabards, collection bags, posters, stickers and badges, and a guide to carrying out your tidy up safely. Once you have registered you will have your own profile page which you can update with photos and other information.

On The Big Tidy Up website you will find a fund of useful information and inspiring ideas, including special pages for schools and businesses. There is a Community Forum page where you can get support and share ideas with others.

In addition to the free kit from The Big Tidy Up, we can help with litter picks in your parish or village, at your school, recreation ground, footpath or street by lending litter picking equipment, including litter picking sticks, gloves, high visibility vests and sacks. We can also provide a disposal service for the collected litter. Please get in touch to discuss your event and make arrangements to borrow the equipment.

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