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Neighbourhood Development Order

New Documents 02/12/2014

Greenhollows Neighbourhood Development Order Map
Greenhollows Neighbourhood Development Order
Greenhollows Regulation 23 Notification. SPC

Skelton Parish Council agreed at its meeting on the 6th May 2014 to promote a Neighbourhood Development Order for Greenhollows Country Park to allow the caravans to be occupied by people who may buy them from the current owners. At present the planning consent only allows the current owners to occupy the caravans on a full time basis, but does not allow permanent occupation for anyone who might buy the caravans. This leaves the current owners trapped and unable to sell the caravans, and prevents these caravans from being used as low cost housing for people in the parish.

The Neighbourhood Development Order attached below will, if approved, allow the caravans to be occupied on a permanent basis by people who purchase them after the current owners’ time.

The electors of Skelton Parish will be asked to vote in a referendum to decide if this should be allowed,

Please see the following formal documents.
1. Draft NDO
2. Notice of Neighbourhood Development Order Proposal
3. SPCNDO240414

If you have any representations to make on this Proposal please make them in writing to:
Greenhollows NDO
c/o H&H Land and Property
Rosehill Industrial Estate
or by email to

Please mark any email ‘Greenhollows NDO’

The date by which any representations must be received is not less than 6 weeks from the date of this notice (the date of first publicity of the Proposal) or 5pm 2nd September 2014.

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